7 Clever Ways to Use Coffee Filters You've Never Thought of ...


7 Clever Ways to Use Coffee Filters You've Never Thought of ...
7 Clever Ways to Use Coffee Filters You've Never Thought of ...

Are you aware of all the ways to use coffee filters? I have a ton of coffee filters from my pre-Keurig days that I just can’t toss and was determined to find uses for. Coffee filters might appear to be limited in use aside from brewing coffee, but they’re actually versatile little things! From using them as liners to using them to clean things, they can be useful in so many ways. So, if you have unused coffee filters in your kitchen, why not check out some of these clever ways to use coffee filters and put them to work?

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Disposable Bowls

One of the most useful ways to use coffee filters is to use them as disposable bowls. They make great disposable serving bowls for candy, popcorn and other snacks when you don’t have or want to use your plates. You can also use them to wrap messy or potentially messy foods like tacos, pita sandwiches and to prevent popsicles from dripping.


Blotting Papers

Using toilet seat covers as blotting papers is a popular beauty tip, but did you know you can do the same thing with coffee filters? I know it’s probably very unlikely that you’ll come across coffee filters while you’re out and about, but if you’re low on cash and need an alternative to traditional blotting papers, give coffee filters a go.


Soak up Grease

Since you can use coffee filters to soak up excess oil on your face, why not use them to soak up grease when you cook, also? Another one of the clever coffee filter uses most people aren’t aware of is to use them to soak up grease from pizza, bacon, making homemade fries or any of your favorite fried foods. You can also use them to cover bowls and plates when you heat them up in the microwave to prevent splatters!


DIY Projects

If you’re into DIY projects, on a budget or both, you can create some pretty cool stuff with your coffee filters. Some of the things you can make include tea bags, air fresheners, fabric softener sheets or scented sachets. All you have to do is fill up the coffee filter with loose tea leaves, potpourri or baking soda and tie it up. To make fabric softener sheets, just add a few drops of your fabric softener to your coffee filter, fold it up and place it in your dryer.


Cleaning Tool

Coffee filter uses also include using them as lint-free cleaners for windows, glasses, computer screens, TV screens, your car interior and more. They won’t leave any streaks or residue behind and are perfect for when you run out of paper towels. You can also use them to polish your leather shoes; all you have to do is dip the coffee filter in shoe polish and apply.



Use your coffee filters to line the bottom of flower pot containers. The coffee pot will prevent any soil from falling out of the drainage or weeper holes but still allow water to flow through. Or, use your coffee filter to sprout seeds. Moisten the coffee filter, add seeds and fold it up. Place it in a sandwich bag until they sprout. You can also add coffee filters to the bottom of your kitchen compost container to keep it clean.


Beauty Helper

The next time you’re giving yourself an at-home manicure and you run out of cotton balls, use a coffee filter instead. Apply nail polish remover to the coffee filter just like you would a cotton pad or ball and wipe off polish. If you wax at home, coffee filters make great waxing strips and they can also help stop bleeding if you cut yourself shaving.

There are so many practical uses for coffee filters, it’s pretty wild! I’ve tried some of these coffee filters uses already, but am looking forward to trying out more. Do you know of some other ways to repurpose coffee filters? How do you like to use them?

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Put a used coffee filter in the bottom of your flower pot. It keeps the dirt in and fertilizes at the same time.

I have used them if i split my nail and need a repair. i take a drop of super glue onthe split and cut the coffee filter to size, let dry and file smooth...

A lot of great tips.. Ty:)

This was so much fun reading! How did you come up with this ? I'm going to try a few of these for sure.

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