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When you realized you don’t remember what your floor boards look like anymore, did you also realize cleaning out your car is no longer an option, but rather a necessity? Fear not! As overwhelming as it may seem, cleaning out your car is less time-intensive than you think, and holds more benefits than you could imagine. Consider some of the following benefits to inspire you to complete the challenge at hand.

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Pick up One Corner at a Time

Sometimes, what we put forth to the world is really what we have churning inside of us too. Your car is out of control, disorganized, unkempt. Could the same be said for other areas of your life? How are your finances? Your personal life? Your eating habits? Your view of your future? Hard to believe, but if you start in one small area of your life like cleaning out your car, you may find the other aspects will slowly come into focus too. First your car, next your closet, then your checkbook, and on and on. It’s amazing how far a car can get you!


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Whether it’s on a date or on a business excursion with co-workers, your car can speak volumes about who you are. Let yours say you are together, organized, and ready for anything. Not to mention, it alleviates the last minute tornado of trying to move discarded fast food bags, unopened mail, and missing sweat sock off of your passenger’s seat.


Live Healthier

Depending on the state of your car, there are certain health risks to keeping it unkempt. Have you left your windows open one too many a night, and now find yourself living in a Petrie dish of mold during your frequent car rides? It’s even possible rodents and insects have decided to hitch a ride in your car unbeknownst to you. Start your new healthier life just by getting a good car detailing done. Don’t be embarrassed or afraid—detailers have seen more dirt than a Hollywood reporter.


Resale Value Starts Now

If you choose to sell your car, resale value can be affected by the perception of your vehicle. If it looks like it’s been taken care of, the buyer may be willing to pay more for it. If it looks like it’s been neglected outside the hood, who knows what they’ll think has been overlooked under the hood? Keeping your car in tip-top shape can literally pay off for you in the long run!


A Better Feeling You

When you have a good hair day, do you feel better on the inside? Same with when you’re wearing the pants that make you look ten pounds lighter, or the eye shadow that makes your eyes sparkle. While it truly is what’s on the inside that counts, what’s on the outside can make that inside shine. Your appearance is more than just about the physical you. It’s about all aspects of you that represent yourself. Let one of your most expensive purchases exude who you really are, or are becoming.


Keep It Organized

When your car is organized, so are many other parts of your life. These days, our cars are like a second home. We eat in them, talk on the phone in them, sometimes even hold conference calls while driving in them. You may even spend more time traveling for work than in your office. No wonder they can get messy! A few minutes at the end of every day to take the trash bag in your car to the garbage can, and to remove anything that doesn’t belong in there (you know what I’m talking about!) will make you feel more put together and be more organized every day.


Be Happier

When parts of your life are out of control, you feel out of control. And when you feel out of control on a regular basis, does that make you happy or anxious? For many, it’s the latter. Keeping your car neat, trying to look at it from the perspective of others on occasion, and staying organized will help you to breathe more deeply, and show the world the true you.

Keeping your car neat is a daily task. What are the ways you keep it all under control?

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Definitely worth doing, thanks

A college girl rolled her car right in front of me (thank goodness she was ok) but it landed upside down and her trash was everywhere. All the firefighters, cops, and even the construction workers who witnessed it were making faces at the mess on the roof of her upside down car as well as all over the road. I was so embarrassed for her. One guy said geez u live in that thing?

You are welcome

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