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There are tons of must have cleaning products that can keep your home sparkly clean and healthy, too! I know I have ventured into many chemical filled products, to organic products, and even homemade products. I feel confident enough to entrust you with my 7 must have cleaning products list. Happy Cleaning!

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These are a staple in my household, my go-to of all the must have cleaning products, if you will. Not only do they help clean up a dirty mess, but they kill about 99.9% of the germs. Who doesn't love a clean home, one that's also germ-free?! I sure do! I use these bad boys on countertops, or surfaces the kids are always touching.



Haven't heard of Mrs. Meyers? Gasp! It's a great brand that doesn't have that overbearing chemical smell. Instead they embrace nature's finest, and use the less harsh chemicals. They have many scents like basil, cranberry, lemon, etc. Basil is my favorite! It's just as effective as products like Lysol and Clorox, only safer! WINNING! Check out their website!



In my household, every window, mirror, and glass piece has tiny tiny fingerprints on them. Now Windex has wipes or the spray and both products can get those little prints off! Of course, I always laugh because every time I wipe off a glass surface, when I come back (after cleaning other surfaces) miraculously there are another set of fingerprints.



I don't know about you, but toilets are sometimes difficult to clean. One thing I learned is to let the cleanser sit for an hour before tackling that bowl. I usually do a quick scrub of the bowl, set some toilet bowl cleaner in it, let it sit for an hour, and then come back flush and scrub, then flush again. Voila! Spic and span!



I love doing dishes - that's weird right? It's always important, I think, to have good soapy suds going. So, why not use a great anti-bacterial dish soap? It's a two-for-one deal! Cleans your dishes, and kills germs! It not only asks for just a little soap on your sponge or brush, but it gets your dirty dishes, shiny and new. A good rinse in hot water also does wonders. Winning combo if you ask me!



I don't mind loading the laundry, especially if you have a really great smelling laundry detergent! Picking out a laundry detergent can be a bit overwhelming. You have to pick one that works well with your clothes, your machine, and you have to like the scent. And, of course a little detergent goes a long way.



Now, depending whether you have carpet or tile, I truly think it's important to have a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Those pesky little dust bunnies that "hop" around the house are no fun, especially to step on. I vacuum constantly and sweep our kitchen floors almost every day. It's not always fun doing it, but keeping the floors clean can help stop trailing those pesky bunnies into other rooms and onto your bed.

I'm a big cleaner at home; once I get on a roll there is no stopping me! These are my go-to cleaning products. Especially since I have dry skin, it's nice to search and try different products to see which won't be too harsh on my skin. What are some of your must-have cleaning products? Are there any specific products you won't use? Let me know!

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