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If you just use Pinterest to browse the web when you’re bored, you’re missing out on some really great ways to use Pinterest to organize your life! Check out some of the ways I like to use Pinterest to make my life a little easier. I love this “hobby” of an online tool to actually help me function better in life. Be sure you install the Pinterest “Pinit” button to your browser, which allows you to pin anything from the web. You can download it from the Pinterest website if you don’t have it already. This way, in case a website doesn’t have a “Pin It” button itself, you can still do it directly from your browser. Now, try some of my favorite ways to use Pinterest to organize your life, and let me know if you have any too!

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Gift Ideas

One of the best ways to use Pinterest to organize your life is to create secret boards to use for gift ideas! This is especially a great idea if most of your recipients use Pinterest. You can create secret boards for different people, or for groups. Then, when you find something you think they would like, just pin it so you can reference it later. Also pin any sales you find for gift recipients too, and then you can simply access them on the go whenever you want through your smartphone app.


Work Ideas

It’s also a cool idea to pin certain work ideas for projects, topics, or inspirations you might find on the web. Then you can create a secret board for all your work ideas or inspirations and pin anything that might help you with projects, budgets, proposals, etc. Even work outfits count too, of course!


Holiday Decor

One of the most popular ideas for using Pinterest to organize life, is holiday decor ideas! I like this idea a lot because I tend to forget things by the time the holiday rolls around. I’m not going to remember what I liked in a magazine in April for an idea for October, but if I pin something from the web onto a board, I can always look back on it later! We use this a lot in my home and it really comes in handy more than you think.


Coupon Websites

I have a special coupon board and all my favorite coupon websites are there. This allows me to access them on the go, so I can check the sites when I’m out and about. This is helpful if you forgot to check the sites before you left home, or come across an unexpected need for a purchase and want to check for coupons first.


Pinterest is a popular platform for organizing and saving ideas, but it can also be a useful tool for managing daily life. One way to use Pinterest for lifestyle purposes is by creating a special board for coupon websites. This allows users to access their favorite coupon sites on the go, making it easier to save money while shopping. It's especially helpful for those who may forget to check for coupons before leaving home or come across unexpected purchases while out and about. With Pinterest, users can have all their go-to coupon sites in one convenient location, making it a valuable resource for saving money.


Grocery Lists

I also like to make boards for grocery lists on PInterest each week. Why? Because I pin the corresponding stores I’ll be visiting to the board, and I can easily access them on the go. Then, being able to look at those sales on my smartphone through Pinterest, allows me to keep everything together. This is helpful too, so you can pin corresponding coupons you find on the board, so you don’t forget to use them.


Fitness Routines

I tend to get tired of the same workouts, so I also make sure to pin plenty of new fitness routines that I can access during my workouts, on my smartphone. Then, when you’re in the middle of a workout, you don’t have to try to remember what routine it was you liked, but instead, can just go to your Pinterst board through your smartphone and do it right then and there! I also like to Pin certain playlists I find for the same reasons.


Food Prep Tips

I find a good few food prep tips through Pinterest and I highly recommend anyone with a family start pinning and using these to organize your life. This comes in handy when you’re at the store and forget what to buy, or just lose the inspiration to do so. Prepping food for the week ahead is a great way stay healthy, and it’s a great organization tip for life, especially when things get busy last minute.

I never thought I would use Pinterest for much more than pinning yummy food and cute clothes, but I actually am very grateful for how it has helped me organize my life in these ways. How do you use Pinterest to organize your life?

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can u explain more about the grocery list! ive ben wanting to get into meal planning but im so disorganized with it!!

What's your Pinterest name so I can follow you, Heather?

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