7 Smart Wax Paper Uses You Never Knew ...


7 Smart Wax Paper Uses You Never Knew ...
7 Smart Wax Paper Uses You Never Knew ...

Wax paper uses for everyday things around the house are more abundant than I thought! I never realized that wax paper could be used for more than just baking. Recently, I've discovered some really cool uses for wax paper! I'd love to share some of them with you today. I'm positive you will find each of these wax paper uses convenient and helpful in your everyday life!

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Spotless Bathroom

This wax paper use has come in handy for me time after time after time! I'm somewhat of a neat freak, so obviously, this would be one of my favorite uses for wax paper. After cleaning your bathroom fixtures, rub a piece of wax paper over them. The wax will slide off, creating a barrier so that water splashes won't stick and make water stains! Plus, your bathroom will be super shiny!


Prevent Rust

I love cooking with an iron skillet, but iron has a lot of upkeep. For rust prevention, I've found that wax paper works wonders! it's simple: after washing and drying your skillet out, rub a piece of wax paper all over it. The wax coats the skillet, and prevents rust! You can store a small piece of wax paper inside the skillet as well.


Snow Shoveling

Since I live in a very cold place where there's typically snow on the ground 7-8 months out of the year, this wax paper use has come in handy many times! By rubbing a piece of wax paper all over the tip of your snow shovel, it will help the snow slide off faster and prevent it from sticking. You can also do this to the bottom of your sleds to make them glide through the snow faster!


Dust Catching

There's nothing more disgusting than reaching up on the top of your kitchen cabinets and getting a handful of dust! Here's a smart wax paper use to keep your cabinets dust free. Place a piece of wax paper on top of each cabinet to catch all dust particles. Every few weeks or so, replace it with a fresh one! The wax acts as a magnet to dust particles!


Kid Crafts

One of the most fun wax paper uses ever is to make crafts for little kids! Usually, they love to help out! You can go online for lots of ideas, but one of my personal favorites are place mats! Choose a picture from a magazine, and place it between several sheets of wax paper. Next, lay a dish towel on top, and proceed to run and iron over it on both sides. The iron will melt the wax paper slightly together, giving you a cute place mat!


Cutting Board

Here's a wax paper use that comes in handy if you like to cook a lot! To prevent the juices from raw meat from seeping into your cutting board, place a few sheets of wax paper on top of the board. Toss the paper out immediately though. You don't want bacteria to grow!


Fabric Protection

Here is one of my personal favorite wax paper uses. I'm very sentimental, so preserving memories is important to me! To protect delicate fabrics, such as wedding dresses, christening gowns and other similar items, store them wrapped in wax paper! The waxed paper prevents light from damaging the delicate fabric, so it will last much longer.

Each of these uses for wax paper is incredibly unique, helpful and convenient for everyday life! And as great as these suggestions are, I'm sure that there are so many other wax paper uses that I didn't even mention here! Do you know of an awesome use for wax paper? Please comment below with all ideas and tips!

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