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8 Best Technological Inventions Ever ...

By Alison

The best technological inventions, in my opinion, are those that make your life easier or take up less space. I'm not a fan of technology just for the sake of it, and never queue up to buy the latest gadgets as soon as they come out. The best technological inventions have to really make a positive difference. Here is my list of the top technological inventions…

1 Laptop

Laptops are among my top technological inventions (although they are a problem when the cat decides to sit on them as you are trying to work). I much prefer them to desktops, as they take up far less space - desktops tend to dominate the room. But the real beauty of laptops is their portability - you can work or play anywhere in the house or outside, and take it with you when you travel.

2 Mp3

I'm old enough to remember when music on the move was a radical concept! First came the Walkman, which was great in its time. CD players were a distinct improvement though, as you no longer had to forward through a tape to find the song you wanted. Mp3 players are the best of all, though - being able to carry hundreds of songs on one small gadget is great!


In 'Serial Mom' by John Waters, the title character deems failure to rewind video tapes before returning them to the rental store an offence worthy of murder! Nowadays, with DVDs that problem has become obsolete. Plus DVDs take up so much less space (I knew someone who covered an entire wall with videos. No kidding).

4 Electric Cars

Electric cars may not yet be at a stage where they can substantially replace petrol cars, but they are among the best technological inventions. Yes, they're not perfect from an environmental perspective - the electricity still has to be produced somehow - but it's a start. They're better for urban driving than conventional cars; some cities, such as Paris, now have electric car rental schemes.

5 Flat Screens

If you do have a desktop computer, you've probably now got a flat screen monitor. Flat screen TVs are much more affordable now as well. These two deserve to be listed among the best technological inventions as they save SO much space. TVs used to be massive - now they can be right up against the wall.

6 Digital Cameras

Digital cameras must have been designed with me in mind. I wasn't the world's worst photographer, but I did find that the camera used to shake (or rather, I did). Result: wasted pictures. Now, with a digital camera, I can delete any pictures I don't like. Plus they're great for long trips, and you never have to use up the last few pictures on a roll of film again.

7 Games Consoles

Although I'm not a gamer, I reckon parents everywhere must thank the day games consoles were invented. They can keep youngsters quiet for hours! I'm including consoles in this list because they are so popular - and because games keep getting better and more impressive.

8 Internet

Perhaps this should be number one! If the internet had never been invented, you wouldn't be reading this fantastic site! The internet has so many uses - we can keep in touch easily with friends and family, be entertained and informed, and even work online. It's actually quite hard to remember what life was like before it was invented.

More youthful readers have probably grown up with most of my best technological inventions and take them for granted. They may not be essential, but they have made a difference to our lives. Technology should enhance our lives. What are your top technological inventions - is there anything that you would like to invent?

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