7 Unique Uses for Baby Powder That Will Amaze You ...

There are so many uses for baby powder. Some are very well known, and others are almost like hidden gems, waiting to be found on Pinterest boards across the Internet. I’ve uncovered a few of these gems; and can attest to the fact that they work, and very well at that! I’ve also come up with a few unique uses for baby powder myself, just for fun or out of necessity in a time of desperation. We’ve all been there. Keep reading to learn exactly what I mean!

1. Back-up Dry Shampoo

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Using it as dry shampoo is one of my favorite uses for baby powder. It’s the perfect quick and easy dry shampoo. It’s cheap and easy to find at any grocery store, drugstore, or supermarket. It also works wonders. Just sprinkle some in your hair and brush it through. Who knows, one day you may be in a rush and will have just run out of your favorite dry shampoo. Don’t panic, just reach for the baby powder. You may have just found your new favorite dry shampoo!

2. Say Goodbye to Oil Stains!

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Oil stains are next to impossible to get out so most of us have just come to accept it. You don’t have to, though! Sprinkle some baby powder on even your worst oil stains and you’ll be stain-free. The baby powder lifts the oil from the fabric; it’s basically magic. That’s the only way I can truly explain this tip. It’s magical. It’s saved my life (my favorite top, anyway) in many situations and I hope one day it saves yours.

3. Eliminate Sand

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It’s simple. Beaches are fun, but the sand is not. Personally, there have been times that I’ve passed up a beach opportunity because of the dreaded sand issue. There are few things more annoying than leaving a fun day at the beach with uncomfortable, dried sand stuck to you. Baby powder is the cure-all for that mess! Sprinkle some on your feet (or wherever else the sand-inflicted areas are) and it brushes off so easily. It’s the best fix for the age-old sand problem.

4. "Grow" Your Eyelashes in a Flash

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Do you have problems making your eyelashes look as full as possible? I know I do. Just dabbing a little bit of baby powder on your eyelashes before you put on your mascara primes them and makes them look fuller than you can imagine. It’s a quick tip that will be your new lifesaver, I promise!

5. Ants-Be-Gone

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If you have an ant problem, whether at a picnic or just in your house, sprinkling baby powder around the area will keep them away. The slippery texture and the scent will make them leave and (hopefully!) never come back.

6. Untangle Necklaces

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We have all those necklaces. The necklaces that were once our favorite pieces of jewelry, but we haven’t been able to wear them since they got tangled in our jewelry cabinet. Now they’re collecting dust as a tangled mess in the bottom of said jewelry cabinet. They don’t have to, though! Dusting baby powder on your tangled necklaces will untangle them with ease. You finally get your favorite, temporarily tangled jewelry back!

7. Combat Sweat

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My mom came up with this a few months ago and it has seriously changed our lives, especially in the summer months when sweating is inevitable. Before you leave the house, sprinkle baby powder on the areas you know you get the sweatiest. It cuts down on sweat by at least 90%, as this percentage has been scientifically proven in my home, thank you very much! In all seriousness, it almost completely eliminates sweat. No more embarrassing or awkward sweaty situations! This tip really was a lifesaver this summer. Try it!

Have you tried any of these different uses for baby powder? Which ones work for you? If you haven’t, which will you try? Do you have any unique uses for baby powder that you go to in a crunch? I’ll be looking for new ideas in the comments!

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