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One of the first things I Googled after I finished putting my furniture in my newly painted room was ‘tips for a cleaner desk.’ Your desk is where all the magic happens; it’s where you settle in when you have work to do. Since I’m not the cleanest person in the world, I decided that the best place to start my de-cluttering process was with a clean desk! So here are my 7 tips for a cleaner desk and uncluttered workspace.

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Figure out Your Desk's Purpose

Figure out Your Desk's Purpose This is the one tip that really stood out to me among all the tips for a cleaner desk that I found. Figure out what you use your desk for. Do you use it for drawing? Writing? Typing? Projects? Your desk has to help you accomplish what you use it for. I realized that the only time I really use my desk is when I’m typing away on my laptop. So I quickly figured out that all I truly needed on my desk was a lamp and my laptop, everything else was secondary. Figuring out what I use my desk for is one of the most useful tips for a cleaner desk that I’ve ever found!


Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Need Ask anyone who’s ever lived with me; I’m the biggest clutter bug in the world. My room isn’t dirty, it’s just messy, there’s a difference! So when it comes to my desk, I love putting all kinds of stuff there that probably doesn’t need to be sitting on my desk. I don’t need 10 framed pictures, or 3 pen holders, or that cute little stuffed animal I got at that place once. One of the most important tips for a cleaner desk for you is to just get rid of crap that you don’t need. It’s hard I know, but you’ll survive the clean up, trust me!


Use Your Drawers

Use Your Drawers I only have 2 drawers on my desk, and this is something I really had to get used to! When I lived on residence in school, I had like 6 cubbies and shelving units on the wall, it was heaven. It was also a corner desk. Of all the tips for a cleaner desk that I’ve read, this is one that I never truly thought of. The best thing to do is to prioritize your top drawer. Whatever it is that you reach for most, make sure you have direct access to it in your top shelf!


Use a Desk Organizer

Use a Desk Organizer Desk organizers are cool, girls. Trust me. If you’ve always loved shopping for school supplies like I do, you’ll love looking for the perfect desk organizer! Of all the tips for a cleaner desk given, this is probably the one that you can have the most fun with! Find one that caters to what you use your desk for, because getting the perfect desk organizer is like finding the perfect laptop, you won’t be able to live without it!


Don’t Fight Your Habits

Don’t Fight Your Habits This is one of the best tips for a cleaner desk, really! I have a little crate on my desk that holds my USB keys, my watch, and some charging cords and a pair of sunnies. Why? Because this is the stuff I’m always reaching for, it’s a habit. So work with your habits! If you always check your email before you leave, or need that one pen that you can’t live without, keep it in a little bowl on your desk. Make your desk work with you!


Go Wireless

Go Wireless What I mean by going wireless is to eliminate as many wires and cords as possible. I have one, the one for my laptop! It may seem like one of the harder tips to follow, but trust me, it’s necessary. Just looking at a whole bunch of cords annoys the crap out of me because it’s so frustrating! If you can cut down all that craziness that usually happens behind a desk, you’ll not only have a cleaner desk, but also be more productive!


Clear the Paper

Clear the Paper I used to have Post Its, envelopes, mail, bills, everything just littered on my desk. I figured well, I’ll need them one day, and plus it’s good to keep paper records, so I never bothered moving them! Then I realized that if I would just take the time to organize everything, throw out what I didn’t need, and keep all the bills and other important documents together in one spot, I’d still have my paperwork, without all the clutter! Clearing the paper is definitely one of the best tips for a cleaner desk!

There you have it ladies, 7 tips to help you get a cleaner desk! I know from experience that it’s not the easiest feat out there, but it’s definitely worth it. When you have a cleaner desk you work 10 times better and you’re so much more productive! Do you have any other tips to share?

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