12 Christmas πŸŽ„ Traditions from around the World 🌎 to Inspire You 🌟 to Start Your Own πŸ‘ ...

Christmas and the entire holiday season is a time when age-old traditions are most accepted and carried out. We all have our own favorite family customs that continue to be the same year after year, there is something about the comfort of the repetition that makes things feel safe and warm and familiar, all of the emotions that you want to evoke at this magical time of the year. However, there is always room for a new one or two! Here are twelve Christmas traditions from around the world to inspire you to start your own.

1. Candy Filled Calendars

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If you don’t already, you need to get aboard the candy-filled advent calendar train that was started in Germany! Each day you get to open a new door and enjoy a delicious sweet that takes you one day further towards Christmas.

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