21 Brilliant Ways to Make the Most of Your Lunch Break ...


21 Brilliant Ways to Make the Most of Your Lunch Break  ...
21 Brilliant Ways to Make the Most of Your Lunch Break  ...

It would be fair to say that for most people, their lunch break is their favourite part of the working day! Whether you get 30 minutes or an hour and a half like those lucky company executives, you should always be looking for things to do that make your break worthwhile. Here are twenty-one ways to make the most out of your lunch break, no matter how short or long it might be!

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Eat Something Really Good. Don’t Just Settle for a Boring Cafeteria Sandwich and a Can of Soda!

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When You Are Eating Something Good, do It Mindfully. Pay Attention to the Pleasure of the Snack Rather than Just Seeing It as Fuel

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Get Outdoors, Even if That Just Means Sitting on a Bench in a Little Courtyard. Change of Scenery is Vital

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If You Have the Time, Change Your Location Completely. Get out to the Nearest Café to Relax

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Go for a Walk, It Will Help to Break up the Monotony of the Day That if Only Half Done!

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Use the Time to Listen to Something ... Your Favourite Music, a Podcast, a Chapter of an Audio Book


If Audio Isn’t Your Style, then Bust out a Chapter of a Paper Book That You Have in Your Bag


Bring Your Hobby along with You to Work if You Can. Something like Crochet or Knitting is Perfect


Take a Nap if You Are Feeling the Drag of the Day Already. There’s No Shame in Recharging Your Batteries!

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Take Some Time to Write in Your Journal if You Still Keep One. Your Thoughts Will Be More Vivid Compared to Last Thing at Night


Use the Time to Make Plans with Friends or Family. It Will Give You Something to Look Forward to

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Do a Little Bit of Online Shopping, You Have the World at Your Fingertips Thanks to Your Smartphone!

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If You Have a Friend Working Nearby, Make the Effort to Go and Meet up with Them for Some Quality Lunch Break Time

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Lose Yourself in a Daydream, It Can Be Fun to Get Lost in Your Thoughts when You Know There Are No Responsibilities for You to Carry out in the Moment


Practise a Little Meditation if You Can Get to a Spot That is Peaceful Enough


Do Some Stretching. This Can Be Really Beneficial if You Happen to Work at a Desk All Day


Make the Effort to do a Little Exercise in Your Lunch Break. It Might Be Only Free Time You Have to Be Active


Treat Yourself to a Little Pampering if a Salon/spa is within Distance. a Facial, Quick Manicure, Eyebrow Wax, Something along Those Lines!


Give a Friend a Ring and Have a Good Old Fashioned Catch up and Gossip Session

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Save a Life, and by save a Life I Mean Go out and Give Blood at Your Nearest Available Station!


And Finally, Spend an Hour Reading More Fabulous Blogs Right Here on Allwomenstalk

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