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7 Interesting Tips on How to Have Fun at Work ...

By Corina

It is extremely important to know how to have fun at work, since you actually spend most of your time there. Studies show that a fun workplace will make people perform and feel better, and this won’t happen only when they are at work but in every other situation of their lives too. Just like CEO Rudy Karsan said, "When you're in a job that you enjoy and you're good at, you're not just a better worker. You're a better spouse, a better parent, a better citizen.” Also, it is extremely important to learn how to manage your time wisely when you’re at work, so you will be able to take more breaks in order to enjoy yourself while still getting all your work done. So, here are a few interesting tips on how to have fun at work that you should definitely consider to make your day run faster and more smoothly:

1 The Art of Small Talk

One of the best things you could do if you want to learn how to have fun at work is to become a master of the art of small talk. It’s not that hard to do it and you’ll be able to win all your colleagues’ admiration in no time. Just ask them about their interests, hobbies, their favorite books or movies or even about their families. Show genuine interest and be cheerful because everyone needs a little joy sometimes, especially in the morning.

2 Stay Calm

Try to stay calm and relaxed as much as possible while you’re at work, so you can obtain maximum productivity with minimum effort. I know how stressful all those deadlines can be but if you stay calm, you’ll be able to concentrate better and you’ll get your work done in less time. There are a few relaxation techniques that don’t require so much time (around 5 – 10 minutes) that you could practice while you’re at work or, during breaks, you could play some games that don’t require a fast reaction, like chess or a card game.

3 Take Quick Breaks

In my opinion, it’s better to take several quick breaks than just a big one every day because this way, you’ll have more occasions to breathe some fresh air or to socialize with your colleagues. You will keep yourself motivated and you’ll recharge your batteries more often. Keep your mind sharp by allowing yourself to rest and enjoy yourself from time to time.

4 Avoid Gossip

There shouldn’t be any gossip in a productive and fun work environment. If you don’t want anyone to talk behind your back, then avoid gossipers or try to change the subject if you hear someone gossiping about one of your colleagues. Gossip can be anything but funny when it happens in your workplace, so try not to tolerate such an unpleasant behavior.

5 Learn to Give and Receive Compliments

Spread the joy around your office and give more compliments to the people you work with. Always compliment your colleagues for their achievements, both personal and professional. When you receive a compliment, smile and say thank you and don’t compliment that person right away because your gesture might be misinterpreted. That person might think that you’re being insincere and that you’re only complimenting them because they did it first

6 Accept Good-Natured Teasing

Some people like to play jokes and tease each other so they can lighten up the mood around their office. Try not to get angry if some of your colleagues do it as long as it’s good-natured. Let them enjoy a good joke even if it’s at your expense, and why not laugh with them too? But if the joking goes too far and they make fun of sensitive issues like your physical appearance, your ethnicity or if it even has sexual implication, it’s best to let them know that such a behavior is not appropriate. If they still bother you, then just take up that matter with your superior.

7 Decorate Your Office

Even if you don’t have an entire office all to yourself, you could still decorate your desk because you spend a significant amount of time there every day and I’m sure you want to feel comfortable in your work space. Give a little personality to your desk and bring a few items from home that will cheer you up every time you look at them. A thing you should remember when you do this is to make sure that your desk reflects both your personality and the culture of the company you work for.

While you’re at work, try to always be social and do a wide variety of activities that will stimulate your brain and keep you active. Do you have fun at work? What do you do to make your workplace more enjoyable? I can’t wait to hear your ideas, so please tell us what you think in the comments section!


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