7 Simple Time Savers to Help You save Your Day ...


7 Simple Time Savers to Help You save Your Day ...
7 Simple Time Savers to Help You save Your Day ...

Let’s face it, we all wish we could turn back time, replicate ourselves and find more time in the day. Or maybe you wish you could pause time to accomplish all the tasks off your to-do list? Regardless of what your wish is, chances are you find yourself wondering where the day went all too often. And you awaken the next day only to go through the exact same cycle. So before you give into not getting it done, let me share with you simple time savers to help save your day. As a full time working mom of three, with a fourth baby on the way, if I can do it, so can you!

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Stop Wasting Time

Do you send aimless texts throughout the day to your friends? Or log in to social media to check out what your friends are doing several times a day? What about the hours you waste watching television? Set designated times to check your social media and watch television to save time. And set time limits so you do not waste the day away!


Set Days for Your Tasks

In order to accomplish more in your life you need to have structure. And by structure I mean set days for each task. Maybe Monday you clean bathrooms, Tuesday is for laundry, Wednesday is floor cleaning day and so on. If you set days for each week you will not be going all over the map and you will conquer these tasks on a weekly basis. So get organized and set days to save time and ensure you get it in!


Write It down

If you find yourself feeling scatterbrained and unable to recall what tasks you were supposed to do for the day, you need to get organized. To save time, write a list every day of all the tasks you need to get done. Without a list, you will find yourself forgetting about things; it would be like going grocery shopping without a list. Doing so would probably cause you to forget items that you need. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So plan it out!


Delegate Tasks

Save time and energy by delegating tasks. If you have a friend or family looking to help, stop turning them away. By allowing them to help, you will be able to spread your wings to focus on something else and you will get more accomplished. And when you have free time you can return the favor and help out the person that lent you a hand! And everyone is happy while more is accomplished in the long run. That is a total win in my book!


Finish Whatever You Started

When starting a task, work hard until it is complete instead of moving from one task to another. If you move around shifting to different tasks you are left with some tasks possibly not complete so do not start something new until you complete what you are working on. This will help you to save time and get more accomplished through the day!


Stock up to Prep While Saving

Think about all the wasted time running to the store for paper towels, dish detergent and house cleaners. This is time you could be using to conquer one of your daily tasks. So buy the items you use frequently in bulk to save time and even save some money in the process!


Divide Tasks and then Conquer

No one person can handle everything and master it so prepare to divide tasks. If you have a roommate or significant other, share tasks so you will get more done and also save time in the process. There is nothing better than team work to conquer tasks and get it all done!

So follow these tips to save time and get more accomplished in your super busy life! Turn your 24 hour day into an eternity of daily accomplishment!

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