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A lunch break is great for taking a mental and physical break, but there are also other productive things to do while you’re on your lunch break. It’s easy to fall back into a chair and let your break pass you by, but it’s just as easy to divide your break efficiently to get more done. A little done each day adds up by the end of the week! Here are a few suggestions on things to do while you’re on your lunch break.

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Read a Book

Regardless of what type of book it is, one of the things to do while you’re on your lunch break is to read. Reading is a great pastime but also keeps the mind active, as well as improves your reading, writing, and speaking skills. Plus, if you’ve had a rough day at work, reading is a quick way to keep your mind distracted from the work day blues.



If you spent an average of 15 minutes of your break going for a brisk walk, by the end of the work week you’d have gotten over an hour of light exercise. Imagine how your health and body would change? It doesn’t seem like much now, but like I said earlier, a little now adds up to a lot later!



It’s hard to manage school and work so that’s why it’s imperative to use your time effectively. Even spending 10-15 minutes of your lunch break will help save you time later on in the evening. Furthermore, getting a head start on your assignments while at work will encourage you to get more done once you’re at home. Doing homework on your lunch break is even more important if you work two jobs.



It sounds weird but your lunch break is a great opportunity to declutter your life. If you bring your car to work, why not take out the garbage and excess lying around while you still have the energy during the day, rather than willing yourself to get off the couch later on in the evening? Another fast organizational activity you can do is to clean out your purse. Toting around used Kleenex and dated receipts won’t do you any good.


Plan Ahead

Your lunch break is a good time to plan your meals for the rest of the week, especially if you plan to go grocery shopping after work. Plus, planning your meals is great for your health and your wallet, as you will be less likely to impulse shop at the grocery shop or run out of groceries mid-week, thus depending on fast food. Lunch breaks are also a good time plan your social calendar as well as any high priority activities or chores.


Go out

Some people never even leave their work place during their break. If your work is causing you high stress, do yourself a favour and leave the building. Either go for a walk or sit on a nearby bench. You’ll be a lot calmer when you’re back from your break and both yourself and your co-workers will be grateful for it.



If you’re feeling drained of energy, take advantage of the couch in the break room or your car in the parking lot. Although it may not be the most productive thing to do during your break, you’ll find that you have more energy afterwards, thus you’ll have plenty of energy in the evening to get all your chores done.

Some of us are lucky and have an hour break or several small breaks. If this is you, use it to the best of your advantage and use your time effectively. You’ll find by the end of the week, you’ll have more time than you thought, which is a huge reward. What are some other tasks you can do while on your break?

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