Your Guide to Tech Related Degrees ...

By Jasmine

Your Guide to Tech Related Degrees ...

One of the most frustrating aspects of any job search is scrolling past the job summary, experience, and duties to find the education section. For a lot of jobs it says degree in Computer Science or related degree. This doesn’t seem too confusing at first but it can become unclear when it comes to Tech fields. I’m going to provide a brief rundown of the major Tech degrees and some of the career paths that you can follow for each one.

1 Computer Science

Computer Science is a theoretical discipline that focuses on developing, designing, and solving programs. This is a challenging degree with courses in computing, programming, algorithms, and data structures. Computer Science is also the most math based degree on this list. Some jobs that you can pursue with this degree are Software Developer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, and Hardware Engineer. I would recommend this degree to anyone who is analytical, loves math, and has a deep interest in the theory behind computers.

2 Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems is sometimes labeled as Information Systems, Management Information Systems, or Business Information Systems depending on your university. The degree plan combines upper level business courses with upper level computer courses. With a degree in Computer Information Systems you can become a Business Intelligence Analyst, Software Engineer, Computer Systems Analyst, or a Computer Database Architect. If you enjoy the big picture of technology, management, and learning the best technology to solve a problem then Computer Information Systems might be the degree for you.

3 Information Technology

Information Technology is the study of solving problems with current technology and making it useful for different environments. This degree plan has less math than the previously mentioned degrees with a focus on programming and network systems. Careers for this major include IT Project Manager, Computer Network Analyst, Computer Network Administrator, and Information Security Analyst. Information Technology is an excellent option for people who love a broad scope degree that covers programming, cyber security, and management.

I want to conclude by saying that all of these degrees are wonderful and worth pursuing. I would suggest speaking with an advisor at your school to go over the degree plans for each Tech degree. Every school is different and you want to be aware before you jump into anything. Please leave comments below and I hope that this information provided some insight into choosing a degree in this field.

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