7 Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girl Friend ...


If you're like me there are tons of friends with birthdays coming up in the next few weeks, so now is the time to think about some birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. I like to call the spring and summer months the season of birthdays! My best friend's, my sister's and no less than 13 of my girlfriends' birthdays are coming up soon! It seems that so many people have a rough time figuring out what gifts to get their guy friend, but thinking of birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend could be just as difficult, especially when you have to get gifts for more than one girlfriend! Below is a list of a few birthday gift ideas, check it out!

1. Smell Goods

Smell goods, such as lotion, perfume, and body wash, are very popular gifts, especially smell goods from Bath and Body Works! I love that place! It seems cliche, but girls love it! If you don’t want to get the typical Sweet Pea or Warm Vanilla Sugar scent, try something new! You don’t even have to get lotion or body wash! You could get candles, car fresheners, air fresheners, lip gloss, hand sanitizer or massage oil! These are all great birthday gift ideas for your girlfriend. If you can’t choose one, I’d say go with a fresh bamboo or earthy scented candle.

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