7 Best Ways to Deal with a Bad Teacher for the Rest of the School Year ...


7 Best Ways to Deal with a Bad Teacher for the Rest of the School Year ...
7 Best Ways to Deal with a Bad Teacher for the Rest of the School Year ...

As if going back to school is not bad enough, sometimes we get stuck with some of the worst teachers for the whole entire year without knowing the ways to deal with a bad teacher. From my experience I learned that things might get a little better but the teacher won't magically change overnight, which why it's important to take the matter into your own hands. If the teacher won't change, you would have to bend your studying techniques for that class. Here 7 ways to deal with a bad teacher, so your grades don't suffer.

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Ask around

The first thing that you need to do when you learn that you got signed up for a class with a teacher that doesn't effectively teach, is do your research. Ask your friends about this teacher and see if they can give you tips on how to deal him or her. You can even try to see their ratings online on websites like ratemyteacher.com, and see what their reviews say. One of the best ways to deal with a bad teacher is to know what they are all about.


Wait to Make Your Own Judgement

Other people can often exaggerate how bad of a teacher you have, so before just accepting other people's beliefs, take your time and observe. Spend a few days in that class with a clear mind and make the judgement yourself. You never know, in the end of the class you might change your mind and realize that the teacher is not bad after all. Sometimes all it takes is getting used to a new class.


Transfer Classes

Due to the fact that my high school is so big, our guidance counselors don't accommodate teacher preference, so changing teachers is not an option. However, if know of a way to change your schedule in your school, then by all means switch your class! It will make your life easier and you'll decrease the unnecessary stress.


Try to Get on Their Good Side

However, if transferring out doesn't work, it's time to deal with that teacher and try to work with what you have. The best way to ensure a better time in class and less stress is by getting on the teacher's good side. Now you don't have to exaggerate how much you love the teacher, but try to participate in class discussions and put in your input as much as you can. Having a good relationship with a teacher will make the year pass by faster.


Talk to Your Teacher

If you are not comfortable with your teacher's teaching techniques, try to communicate with your professor and see if you can give them constructive suggestions. If you feel like you would do better in class if your teacher went over hard homework questions in class or posted the answer online, then approach your teacher with that suggestion. You never know, other students might feel the same way and you'll be able to improve the class together!



If you feel like the teacher doesn't clearly explain topics then you have to try to self-study at home. After all, the best way to learn something and remember it forever is to teach it to yourself. It might be a little arduous and take a while, but in the end it will pay off and your grades won't suffer because of a bad teacher.


Form a Study Group with Friends

If even after studying, you are not sure what is going on in class, try to form study groups with friends. Choose friends that know the material and would take the study session seriously. By working as a team, you'll be able to help each other succeed in class even without the help of the teacher.

Sometimes we don't get so lucky with the teachers we get, but the circumstances force us to deal with them for the entire year. What are some of your tips on dealing with a bad teacher? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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Please how do you post on aws ....i have math teacher like that

I hate those teachers who don\'t put any effort in to their teaching and are clearly just here for the pay:(

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