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7 Awesome Ways to Answer Nosy Questions like a Pro ...

By Alicia

If you have been searching for ways to answer nosy questions all of your life, let me help you. You can’t go too long of a time period without being bombarded with nosy questions from nosy people. It puts you on the spot and makes you feel awkward. Many times you feel forced into answering a question you really didn’t want to give the answer to. That doesn’t have to happen any longer because you will know the best ways to answer nosy questions

1 Turn It around

One of the best ways to answer nosy questions is to turn it back on them. For example, if someone asks you when you are going to have a baby, reply that you were just wondering the same thing about them. Chances are that they will be so shocked they will either forget all about their question to you, or they will realize their faux pas and be utterly embarrassed which serves them right. Either way you get out of answering the nosy question and come out looking rather ingenious. They aren’t likely to ask you a nosy question again.

2 Comment on the Question Rather than Answering

If someone asks you a nosy question, you are in no way required to answer it. Why not make the comment, “Isn’t that an interesting question?” Or comment that they must have a lot of time on their hands to think up such intriguing question. They could come back at you with the question again but this should put off most that ask those nosy questions. If it doesn’t, you can try another one of these tactics.

3 Pass the Buck

One easy way to get out of answering a nosy question is to pass the buck. This means to refer the question on to someone in a better position to answer it or someone who you can blame for holding the answer to the question. For example, if you are asked when you will be getting a raise, you can answer by saying that is up to your boss. If someone asks when your boyfriend is going to pop the question, tell them that would be his decision. What can they really say at that point?

4 Pretend You Don’t Understand the Question

Feigning ignorance may be a trace dishonest but it will get you out of answering a nosy question. If someone asks you a nosy question that you don’t want to answer, just pretend that you don’t understand it. Act puzzled. Chances are, the person asking the question will be so amazed you don’t get the meaning of the question that they may give up getting an answer from you. Of course, they may talk about you not being intelligent to others but if it keeps them from being nosy about your life then it just may be worth it.

5 Join Them in the Question

Another way to tackle a nosy question is to join them in the question. When you have a nosy question thrown at you, look surprised and say that you have been wondering the exact same thing. This gets you off of the hook from answering and will probably embarrass them. That isn’t totally a bad thing. Perhaps it will break them from asking more nosy questions in the future.

6 Take the Honest Approach

There may be times when you want to take the honest approach and give them the answer to their nosy question. That is absolutely fine if you want to do that. It is also absolutely fine to answer their question by telling them that you find their question rather personal. You could also say that you find their question too nosy to dignify with an answer. If it is someone who rarely asks a question like that, I would not take that route. However, if it is someone that has asked you nosy questions many, many times, you certainly have the right to honestly tell them their questions cross the line.

7 Just Don’t

Just because you are asked a nosy question does not mean that you owe any kind of answer. While the above tactics can be very helpful, there is also nothing wrong with just stating that you are not going to answer the question. This direct approach can work wonders and stop any future nosy questions from being directed toward you. You could even be doing others a favor by handling it this way. You may well break the person who asks the nosy questions from asking anyone else those sorts of questions again.

There are many ways to handle a nosy question but you have to handle them the way that feels right to you. What ways have you found to be best to handle a question that is far too nosy? What has worked for you?

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