7 Crucial Things to do when a Loved One is Hurt ...


It’s hard to know the right things to do or to say when a loved one is hurt. You don’t want to make the wrong move or say the wrong thing that can throw them off the edge when they are in a really fragile state. However, you want to be there for them and support them. Whether your loved one is mentally exhausted or physically hurt, here are 7 things you can do when a loved one is hurt.

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Simplify Their Lives

When a person is not mentally or physically well, it is important to simplify their lives by doing simple things that they will appreciate. That means running a few errands or getting important things done for them that they are not able to do. Close friends and family should always be there when a loved one is hurt because if it is not them, then who else?


Support Them Emotionally

Even if you are not able to support them in any other way, you can always be their emotional support. Let them rant about what they are feeling and help them sort their feelings out. If they are struggling with a disease or a life problem, they are most likely a little bit depressed and upset. If they know that you will always be their ‘rock’ when it comes to their emotions, they will appreciate you tremendously.


Be There for Them

One of the simplest things that you can do is be there for your loved ones when they need you the most. This simple gesture can show them that you care about their well-being and that they have a great support system. Many people are not blessed with a good support system in the time of need, so if you just show up when they need you, it can signify a lot.


Give Space when Needed

When people are hurt either physically or emotionally, sometimes they need time for themselves. Therefore, avoid overwhelming them with your attention and nagging them with constant questions. Giving them a little bit of personal time is healthy, just let them know that they can turn to you when they are ready to be around people.


Cheer Them up

The only way to get the negative things out of your life is to bring in more positivity. If your loved ones can’t do that themselves, you should be the one who cheers them up. All you need to do is bring up a few fun memories, or tell a humorous occurrence just to get their mind off their own troubles.


Stay Positive for Them

This point goes well with the previous one, but it has more to it. When a person you love is hurt, it is hard for them to think positively and they tend to focus only on the negative. However, you should be the one staying strong for them. Shine the light on the situation and bring out the positivity by telling them that everything will work out in the end and there is still hope.


Be Rational for Them

In distressing times, people tend to not think rationally. Their mind can be overwhelmed with other things, so you should be the one helping them make rational decisions. You should have a clear head and their best interests in mind, and although your loves ones might not appreciate your opinion now, they will later on when they clear their mind.

Approaching a person you love who is hurting can be difficult. It requires a lot of thinking and consideration. What are some of your tips on helping your loved ones in need? Share in the comments.

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It's true these are all the things one can do if anyone close is hurt

In the good times, make sure you are a good loyal friend, then you will have support stored for the bad times.

Great tips x

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