Awesome Autumn Activities Anyone Can Enjoy ...


Awesome Autumn Activities Anyone Can Enjoy ...
Awesome Autumn Activities Anyone Can Enjoy ...

Need something to do this fall. Well here are a few activities you can take part this season that you are sure to enjoy.

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Visit a Pumpkin Patch

I remember being in kindergarten and visiting a pumpkin patch, and let me tell you . . . best day ever! Of course I'm older now, but I still love being out in the autumn air, picking out my pumpkin, carving it (terribly), and visiting the gift shop (if they have one). Overall, it will be an experience to remember.


Make Homemade Caramel Apples

Who doesn't love a good caramel apple? But who wants to pay those inflated prices? For just a few dollars, you can head to your nearest grocery store for a bag of apples, a jar of caramel sauce and some popsicle sticks, and you are set.


Create an Autumn Art Project

It doesn't have to be anything fancy. You could gather some fallen leaves and make a wreath for your door. Or gather pinecones and paint them to hang up later at Christmas time, or hang up around the front door as autumn garland. The possibilities are endless.


Try a Fall Sangria

I did not know there was such as thing as fall sangria, but you learn something new every day. You’ll need cider, cinnamon, caramel, and of course, apples. Of course, you can add or subtract the flavors you want, but it’s a great way to bring in the season.


Have a Backyard Bonfire

Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can always put up a few lanterns on your back porch, light some fall scented candles, and bring that fall sangria with you. For those with lots of space, just light the grill or make a small campfire, and break out the materials for smores. And again, don’t forget that fall sangria.

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Take a “Fall Foliage Train Trip"

I took a train trip through the mountains once, and we stopped by a little town and grabbed a bite to eat. If you’re ever in Statesville, North Carolina, you should check it out. But just any old train ride through the mountains is sure to give you quite the fall foliage show.


Create a Fall Centerpiece

If you refer back to number three, you can take the fall arts project for your new centerpiece. You can also visit your nearest craft store and find wonderful surprises. I went to a Pier 1 Imports last week, and found lost of cute plastic, metal, and glass pumpkins to be the centerpiece of any table.


Apple Picking

There’s nothing like freshly picked apples to spice up all your favorite apple treats. Also, depending on where you go apple picking, there will be cider at the end.


Turn Your Porch into an Autumn Alcove

For those of you with porches, some nice rocking chairs or benches with fall-themed pillows are sure to make your porch the talk of the neighborhood. But for those of you with just a doorway, refer to number three, and take those decorated pinecones and adorn them upon your doorway.


Go to a County/State Fair

In my state, we have both county and state fairs. The county fairs can be okay, depending on the budget of the city they're in. However, the state fair is in the state’s capital, and it is on a much grander scale. There’s tons of food, carnival games, and people selling antiques. There’s even a shooting range where you could win a frozen turkey and so much more.


Make Some Candles

Instead of spending money on candles that supposedly smell like fall, why not make your own? You can actually infuse the wax with leaves, pinecones, apples, cinnamon, and other fall attributes to really enhance that autumn smell. And I bet it make for an interesting looking candle with actual stuff in it.


Find a Corn Maze

While I’ve never been to a corn maze, I hear they are fascinating. There are scavenger hunts and other interactive activities. It’s fun for all ages. Google “corn mazes” to find one near you.


Go for a Hayride

I know a few pumpkin patches that do hay rides and at the end, you get a pumpkin. You can also just hop in the car and ride around the countryside, looking at bales of hay. Who says a hayride has to be in the back of a truck or pulled along by a tractor?


Getaway to the Mountains

Either for the day or for a long weekend, find yourself a nice quiet place to stay and enjoy the fresh air. Also enjoy the local scene, hiking trails, etc. Take some time away from your hectic life and get some well deserved R & R.

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