27 Alternative Uses for Bird Cages That You Will Fall in Love with ...

By Eliza

Bird cages don't just have to be a home for your pet. They can serve all sorts of really awesome purposes. They are easy to find at secondhand stores or garage sales and if you have the perfect vision for one, you won't even have to spend a lot of money. Check out the bird cages on this list and you'll be inspired to create a wonderful masterpiece for your house. Let me know how it all turns out!

1 Plant Succulents

Plant Succulents Via 16+ More Creative Garden Container ...
There's no cooler looking way to display plants than in old bird cages. This is awesome!

2 Birdcage Table Centerpiece

Birdcage Table Centerpiece Via Kristen's Creations
No matter what you're celebrating, a bird cage makes a stunning centerpiece to get the job done.

3 Bird Cage Garden

Bird Cage Garden Via Craftberry Bush - Creativity in ...
Indoors or out, this little garden in a bird cage is really cute and makes such a statement.

4 Wedding Card Holder

Wedding Card Holder Via It's A Mindful Life: Unique ...
Here's a fancy and fun way to collect cards at your wedding.

5 Hanging Bird Cages

Hanging Bird Cages Via all the beauty things...
These tiny little hanging bird cages would be great for an outdoor patio space.

6 More Plants

More Plants Via Bird Cages and Succulents
Clearly, one of the best things to do with a bird cage is to use it for plants.

7 Wall Sconce

Wall Sconce Via Bird Cage Planters - DIY ...
This bird cage used as a wall sconce is really cool. I think it would be great in a bathroom.

8 For Collectibles

For Collectibles Via Using Bird Cages For Decor: ...
Showcase a variety of your favorite collectibles without having things look too cluttered.

9 Lawn Decor

Lawn Decor Via Helga Noack
A bright white bird cage is great for dressing up your garden or yard.

10 Window Frame Birdcage

Window Frame Birdcage Via Pet Projects | How To ...
Of course, if you have an actual bird, this is a great home for him to live in.

11 Decorated Bird Cage

Decorated Bird Cage Via the adventures of bluegirlxo: a ...
You can decorate a tiny bird cage like this one for any event or occasion.

12 Table Runner

Table Runner Via 46 Brilliantly Designed Wedding Flower ...
A long row of white bird cages is perfect as a wedding centerpiece.

13 Holiday Decor

Holiday Decor Via my home for the holidays: ...
Fill your bird cage with holiday decorations for a fun and festive look.

14 Bright Colors

Bright Colors Via Bird Cage Planter - Whats ...
A can of spray paint is all you need to make your bird cage bright and colorful.

15 Leave the Perch

Leave the Perch Via Using Bird Cages For Decor: ...
I love how the tiny perch inside adds character and fun to this cage.

16 For Candles

For Candles Via athomealterations.com
A bird cage makes a wonderful place to keep your candles. What do you think?

17 Store Your Dishes

Store Your Dishes Via Clever Idea To Repurpose An ...
What an adorable way to house plates and mugs you don't use all the time!

18 Store Your Books

Store Your Books Via Using Bird Cages For Decor: ...
Not only is this a fun way to display your books, but it keeps them out of the way too.

19 Fun Colors

Fun Colors Via 11 Alternative Uses For Birdcages
Use all one color to paint your bird cages or get crazy and try a bunch of hues.

20 Light It up

Light It up Via Dishfunctional Designs: Decorating With Bird ...
This is easy to create and adds just the right amount of mood lighting to a side table.

21 Light Fixture

Light Fixture Via Redecorating by Repurposing | Decorating ...
A bird cage turned upside down is easy to turn into a stunning light fixture.

22 A Fish Tank

A Fish Tank Via 11 Alternative Uses For Birdcages
This would require some skill, but turning a bird cage into a fish tank is a really cool idea.

23 Floral Lights

Floral Lights Via lisa golightly
This would look great in your living room or bedroom, don't you think?

24 Chandelier

Chandelier Via Chandeliers | Wayfair
A intricate bird cage turned into a chandelier is sure to get people talking.

25 Bird Cage Lights

Bird Cage Lights Via Fall Preview: Our Favorite New ...
They aren't all the same, but they go so well together. I think this is really cute!

26 Small Lamp

Small Lamp Via BOISERIE & C.: Gabbie e ...
The lamp with the decor makes for a presentation that can't be beat.

27 Bird Cage Swing

Bird Cage Swing Via A Bird Cage-Like Swing by ...
Who wouldn't want one of these in their house?

Have you ever seen so many cool things to do with a bird cage? I love all of them. Which one is your favorite?

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