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37 Awe Inspiring Staircases You'll Want to Copy in Your House ...

By Eliza

You might not think much about staircases, especially if you don't have one in your house. For some reason, they fascinate me. They can add so much to a space based on color, design and size. I love staircases of any type and form. If you're thinking about revamping your set of stairs, there are loads of modern and traditional options to choose from, letting you have the house of your dreams with ease.

1 With a Slide

With a Slide Via
Talk about one of the best staircases ever! My kids would love this.

2 Welcoming Bench

Welcoming Bench Via CHIC COASTAL LIVING: The Enchanted ...
It's nice how the bench ties right into the staircase in this house.

3 Two Colors

Two Colors Via Changes to House Floor Plans
There's no rule that says stairs have to be all one color. The white base here looks elegant and luxurious.

4 Keep Baskets on the Steps

Keep Baskets on the Steps Via Staircase Makeover {New Wood Floors ...
A couple of baskets are perfect for the clutter that needs to go upstairs, but without having it on the steps.

5 Glitter Staircase

Glitter Staircase Via 36 Things You Obviously Need ...
Who couldn't use some extra sparkle in their lives? This staircase guarantees all the glitter you need.

6 Outdoor Staircase

Outdoor Staircase Via Home Tour: Lara Spencer trades ...
This concrete masterpiece looks wonderful on the back deck.

7 Modern Spiral Staircase

Modern Spiral Staircase Via 10 Space-Saving Modern Spiral Staircases: ...
There is just something really cool about a spiral staircase, don't you think?

Cindy gorgeous spiral staircase, but not without any sor...

8 Looks like Books

Looks like Books Via Staircase Painting Ideas Transforming Boring ...
Give your staircase some flair by painting it to look like a stack of books.

Shari awesome! So smart! ...

9 Luxury Home

Luxury Home Via Now that's what you call ...
Wouldn't you love having this in your house? It's different, but sophisticated at the same time.

10 Add a Saying

Add a Saying Via 25 DIY Ways To Update ...
Some letter stencils are all you need to put a saying on your stairs.

11 Floating Staircase

Floating Staircase Via Galería - Casa Cliv / ...
Floating staircases are an architectural masterpiece. Cool, huh?

12 Built in Shelving

Built in Shelving Via Simple ideas of how to ...
My dream house will have these. Built in storage that slides in and out - what a genius idea!

13 Stone and Wood

Stone and Wood Via Spiral Stairs | Interior Design ...
This looks like a castle. I love how the stone and dark stained wood complement each other perfectly.

14 With a Carpet Runner

With a Carpet Runner Via Chateau Jbb
This one is a bit worn out, but a fancy carpet going up the stairs give them elegance and class.

15 Beautiful Carved Wood

Beautiful Carved Wood Via Western Staircase: Western Home Decorating ...
Can you imagine the hours it would take to create this? Or the cost to buy it? It would be totally worth it though.

Gail where can I buy this craved wood at. What is the c...

16 Made for Sitting

Made for Sitting Via 22 Very Unique Staircases That ...
A staircase like this increases your seating options so easily.

17 Paint a Scene

Paint a Scene Via Staircase Ideas
This artistic creation would be fun leading up to a playroom or kids' bedrooms.

18 Rainbow Stairs

Rainbow Stairs Via 12 Ideas To Spice Up ...
Here's another fun idea for kids. Colorful and fun!

19 Rich Wood

Rich Wood Via Tuscan Beauty
There is nothing about this staircase that doesn't say wealth and privilege.

20 Twisty

Twisty Via 1358 Page Road, Nashville TN ...
The way this staircase twists and turns is really unique. I also love the seating at the top.

21 make an impact

make an impact Via High Victoriana
This staircase definitely makes an impact to anyone coming into the house.

22 With Drawers

With Drawers Via 22 Very Unique Staircases That ...
There's a lot going on here, but all those drawers are great for storing stuff out of the way.

23 Inspired by a Treehouse

Inspired by a Treehouse Via 22 Very Unique Staircases That ...
This totally looks like the staircase you'd see leading up to a treehouse.

24 Around and around

Around and around Via Elegant Interior
If you have several levels in your home, a spiral staircase can get you to any of them quickly and in style.

25 Reach the Books

Reach the Books Via Spiraling Out of Control: The ...
This is my dream! A library so large that I need a staircase to reach the top. Don't you love it?

Kit looks like Bell's library from beauty and the beas...

26 Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile Via 15 Creative Ways to Add ...
You definitely won't see a staircase like this anywhere else.

27 Simple and Modern

Simple and Modern Via New Home Staircases - Oak, ...
This simple staircase still adds dramatic flair to the home without going overboard.

28 All Lit up

All Lit up Via TOP 10 Most Luxurious Hotels ...
Add to the drama of your staircase with chandeliers and big lighting fixtures.

29 Wood Pieces

Wood Pieces Via
This kind of staircase make me nervous, but I really love how rustic it looks.

30 Stair Panels

Stair Panels Via Wooden Spiral Staircase by Paul ...
Instead of individual steps, this staircase has stepping panels. Awesome!

31 Double Staircase

Double Staircase Via Mindful Travel by Sara - ...
I would love a house that has a double staircase in the foyer. It's so Southern to me.

32 Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles Via Around the world on a ...
This would be perfect for stairs in your yard. Perhaps to the pool?

33 Curved

Curved Via Staircase Design Ideas
I love a curved staircase just as much as a spiral one. Looks great, don't you think?

34 Piano Key Staircase

Piano Key Staircase Via
You could easily copy this on the concrete steps in your yard.

35 Rock Steps

Rock Steps I'm not sure I could climb this without falling down. It looks like it's made from giant rocks.

36 window on top

window on top Via yoo1s: Chateau du loup by ...
There is just something so magical about a window at the top of a flight of stairs.

37 Wraps around an Aquarium

Wraps around an Aquarium Via 36 Things You Obviously Need ...
This is definitely something you won't see all the time! Looks pretty awesome, but really hard to keep clean.

Have you thought more about staircases now than ever before? Who knew there would be so many of them? Are you dreaming of your dream staircase now? I know I am!

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