25 Fantastic Shower Curtains to Spice up Your Bathroom ...


25 Fantastic Shower Curtains to Spice up Your Bathroom ...
25 Fantastic Shower Curtains to Spice up Your Bathroom ...

You can't not have shower curtains, right? But there's no reason why they can't be fashionable and fun to look at too. You can find all sorts of great shower curtains at stores and online. That means you can find just the one you want to make your bathroom something special. The right shower curtain brings life and personality to your space and enhances any bathroom in your house. Check out these wonderful options.

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Matches Everything

Matches Everything Via The Beauty of The Best ...
A shower curtain that matches the color scheme of your bathroom is a great choice.


Striped Shower Curtain

Striped Shower Curtain Via Designed To Dwell: Neutral Gray ...
Stripes look great in a bathroom. The neutral colors on this shower curtain work in many bathrooms.


Fun Shadow

Fun Shadow Via How To: Decorate with Unicorns ...
It looks a unicorn is hiding in the shower. Would you hang this in your bathroom?


Nautical Theme

Nautical Theme Via Hit the Showers! Shower curtains ...
Carry a nautical feel through your bathroom with this great ship themed shower curtain in navy blue.


Hung Right up to the Ceiling

Hung Right up to the Ceiling Via SUBURBAN Spunk*: Guest Bath Makeover
Hanging the shower curtain up high makes your bathroom look bigger and lends some drama to the room as well.


Two Curtains

Two Curtains Via 11 Magnolia Lane's Best Holiday ...
Hang two shower curtains so you can separate them like this around the tub. Looks great, don't you think?


Hang a Valance

Hang a Valance Via Making Your Bathroom Look Larger ...
A valance covers up a plain old shower curtain rod and makes the room look sophisticated and elegant.


A Fun Border

A Fun Border Via Roundup: 15 Statement Shower Curtains ...
The pom pom border on this shower curtain is really cute. You could pull this look of with lots of different colors.


Chevron Monogram

Chevron Monogram Via Shower Curtain Chevron Fabric YOU ...
Personalize your bathroom with a shower curtain like this. You could easily choose the color that would best match your bathroom.


Lace Panels with a Piece of Wood

Lace Panels with a Piece of Wood Via Rustic Valance for the Bath ...
This look is a little bit edgy, a little bit feminine. There's something for everyone.


Color Scheme

Color Scheme Via Nick & Jason's Preppy Meets ...
If you find a shower curtain you can't live without, use it to create the color scheme for your bathroom.


Pulled to the Side

Pulled to the Side Via Making Your Bathroom Look Larger ...
Pull a shower curtain to one side for this dramatic look.


Your Own Art

Your Own Art Via Madart Inc. Winter Sparkle Shower ...
Look online for places that will turn your own artistic creations into the shower curtain of your dreams.


Big, Fancy Fish

Big, Fancy Fish Via Valentina Ramos Beta Fish Shower ...
What could better to adorn a shower curtain than a big fish. What do you think of this one?


Colorful and Ruffly

Colorful and Ruffly Via How To Change The Décor ...
I could see this as looking fabulous in a teen girl's bathroom. The colors and ruffles make it really special.


Color Blocks

Color Blocks Via 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and ...
The color blocks on this shower curtain give it visual interest without being too over the top.


Big and Bold

Big and Bold Via Valentina Ramos Aaron Shower Curtain ...
There's nothing wrong with a shower curtain that features a big pattern and lots of bright colors.


Blinged out

Blinged out Via Tender Falls Shower Curtain
Make your bathroom a fun and sparkly place with a shower curtain decked out with bling.


Black and White

Black and White Via Black and White Shower Curtains ...
You can't go wrong with neural black and white colors when you choose a shower curtain.


White and Grey

White and Grey Via Live Beautifully
White and grey makes a fun alternative to black and white that pairs with lots of other colors in your bathroom.


Shiny Stripes

Shiny Stripes Via Popular Bath "Sinatra Silver" Shower ...
A striped shower curtain is even cooler if some of them sparkle.


White on White

White on White Via Cool Showers: 10 Best Shower ...
White decorations on a white shower curtain makes for one perfect masterpiece.


Turn Any Curtain into a Shower Curtain

Turn Any Curtain into a Shower Curtain Via Thrifty and Chic - DIY ...
Add a plastic liner behind your shower curtain and you can use any panel you love.


A Touch of Color

A Touch of Color Via Mia 72-Inch x 72-Inch Fabric ...
Add just a touch of color to a black and white shower curtain for a fun look like this one.


Breakfast Bacon

Breakfast Bacon Via 30 Weird And Wonderful Shower ...
Who wouldn't want a shower curtain covered in huge strips of bacon?

What does your shower curtain look like? Basic white is what I go for. Will you put any of these in your bathroom?

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I'm in love with "matches everything" and I really like "color blocks". Both are stunning! Thank you!

Thanks for this article. Now I have some ideas on how to spruce up my boring bathroom in a very cool way! ;-D

That unicorn shadow is giving me the creeps. It's making me think of other shadows I don't want to see hiding behind the curtain.

Love the ideas!

I would totally use the unicorn one!

Love 20 and 24!

I like the ship one!

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