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23 Retro Kitchens You Can Copy in Your Home ...

By Eliza

Retro kitchens are one of my loves! My own kitchen is pretty modern and I'm not sure it will ever go back in time, but looking at the ones from decades past always makes me happy. The 1940s and 1950s had some pretty great stuff that I would love to own. Trolling antique and second hand shops is a great way to get your hands on some of this stuff. Whether you want to redo your space or you just love looking at retro kitchens like I do, you will love everything on this list. I promise!

1 Colored Refrigerator

Colored RefrigeratorVia 37 Ways To Treat Yourself ...
Many retro kitchens featured a colored fridge like this awesome Tiffany blue one.

2 Statues on the Stove

Statues on the StoveVia Green Style: The Prettiest Wedgewood ...
The stove itself is pretty retro, but those statues on top are so 1950s and 1960s. Do you love them?

Terry yes any type of cat statues ...


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3 Open Cabinets

Open CabinetsVia A Cheery Bungalow Redo Stays ...
You can still see open cabinets from time to time, but it was definitely trendy in days gone by.

4 All White

All WhiteVia Push the Walls: 32 Creative ...
I love the white kitchen look! The embellishments and dishes lend this one just the right amount of retro flair.

5 Bright Red

Bright RedVia 12 Design Ideas For a ...
Even if your kitchen is brand new, you can still get that retro feel with dashes of bright red color throughout.

6 Framed Window

Framed WindowVia Rhiannon's Jadeite Jewel of a ...
The window frame and valance here make me think of my great-grandma's farmhouse kitchen from way back in the day.

7 Turquoise and White

Turquoise and WhiteVia Welcome to Retro Renovation! - ...
Check out those retro chairs! The bright turquoise cabinets make it even more awesome!

8 Wallpaper and Tile

Wallpaper and TileVia Retro Kitchen Design You Never ...
Retro kitchens usually featured more pattern than is trendy these days. This is a wonderful kitchen, don't you think?

9 Bright Colors

Bright ColorsVia Jamie's Wild Blue Yonder — ...
You can't go wrong with lots of bright colors in your retro kitchen.

10 Light Pink

Light PinkVia On décode la déco : ...
Most people don't go care for a pastel pink kitchen, but this was a pretty trendy look in generations past.

11 A Black and White Marble Floor

A Black and White Marble FloorVia Photo Gallery: Checkerboard Kitchen Floors ...
The floor in this kitchen is the perfect touch for lots of retro whimsy.

12 Red Table

Red TableVia Australian anti-minimalist 1970s house that ...
Nothing says retro like a red table and chairs like this one. My parents inherited one when I was a kid that was straight out of the 1950s.

13 Yellow Table and Chairs

Yellow Table and ChairsVia Mixing old & older: Kristen ...
Of course, you can't get any more retro than this yellow dining set either.

14 Mix It up

Mix It upVia Mixing old & older: Kristen ...
Yellow and red together is a great color combination for a retro look and feel.

15 Retro Walls

Retro WallsVia Decorating theme bedrooms - Maries ...
Check out the wall art and wallpaper in this kitchen. The little touches make it more authentic.

16 Green Appliances

Green AppliancesVia kameon-otsea-house-13 - Design Milk
Green appliances were trendy in the 1960s and 1970s so if you love those eras, you'll love this stove.

17 Cabinet Design

Cabinet DesignVia Follow Scathingly Brilliant
The open pink cabinets on top and curtain panels below are so retro. Cute, huh?

18 Turquoise and Chrome

Turquoise and ChromeVia
Relive the good old diner days by recreating the look in your own home.

19 Turquoise Appliances

Turquoise AppliancesVia
Are you seeing the turquoise trend here? Since it's my favorite color, I love this retro looking stove.

20 Black, White and Red

Black, White and RedVia How To Create A Funky, ...
If you go all out, you can make your kitchen look just like a retro diner.

21 Size and Shape

Size and ShapeVia new-kitchen-0005
Retro kitchens were usually small and divided from the rest of the house, but this still looks fun to me.

22 Arched Doorways

Arched DoorwaysVia cute retro kitchen — Home ...
Arched doorways were a trendy thing of the past that can help authenticate your look.

23 Red and White

Red and WhiteVia Registration
You can never go wrong with a completely red and white color palette like this one.

Which one is your favorite? Would you ever consider installing a retro kitchen in your home?

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