7 Adorable Animals from Asia ...

Whenever I go to the zoo, my favorite exhibits are those with animals from Asia. There are so many unique and cute animals from Asia. Who doesn’t love the giant panda with its black and white fur? I could spend hours just watching these cute creatures. However, if I did, I would miss seeing all of the other animals from Asia that are just as adorable. Fortunately, you do not have to go to a zoo to learn about a few of the adorable Asian animals, since the following provides examples of the magnificent creatures that hail from Asia.

1. Red Panda

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I already mentioned the giant panda, which is one of the most commonly known animals from Asia. However, the red panda is another cute panda that is related to the giant panda and comes from Asia. Red pandas are much smaller than giant pandas. They are only three feet long and weigh just seven to fourteen pounds. In many ways they actually look more like a raccoon than a giant panda. Although, red pandas, with their red fur coat, are much more adorable than raccoons. They have white fuzzy ears that look like earmuffs, and they have furry feet to keep the soles of their feet warm, which is important because they live in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal and Bhutan. Unfortunately, the cute red panda is a threatened species as only 10,000 adults are thought to be living.

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