A Three-step πŸ“Ά Plan for Student Time ⏰ Management πŸ“ˆ ...


That’s right! You can learn how to manage your time and be more organized with just three steps. Follow them and soon you will be a powerhouse of efficiency and productivity. Here is my 3-step plan for student time management

1. A to-do List

Very simple but very effective.

Make a note of every job you need to do. Add to your list through the day, and scratch off the things that you have done. You will find that you never really get your entire list finished. There is always going to be things left of your list to do, but if you save up your lists over two weeks you will be able to look back at all things you have scratched off of your lists and you will realize just how much you have gotten done over the last fortnight.

Break up Tasks into Easy to do Chunks
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