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Simple Indulgences That Every Woman Needs on Her Bucket List ...

By Neecey

If you get frustrated by seeing bucket lists that are full of seemingly unachievable things and places you have no hopes of ever visiting, hold on to your hat. The very term bucket list seems to have grown to represent a menu of amazing, wowing, adrenaline pumping activities and incredible places to visit. But let’s not forget, a bucket list should simply be a list of what you want to achieve or see or do before you die. So who’s to say that it can’t simply be a list of life’s simple pleasures and things most of us can achieve? Why shoot for the Moon when the Earth has much to recommend it?

1 Have a Pampering Massage

human action, clothing, person, human positions, beauty,

2 Get Your Hands Dirty and Grow Something

plant, flower, land plant, leaf, flowering plant,


A Wide Ranging Soul Train Awards ...

8 Romantic Cabin Locations ...

3 Learn to Speak a New Language

beauty, arm, finger, glasses, hand,

4 Learn How to do Yoga

Learn How to do Yoga

5 Fall in Love and Tell the Person

eyewear, hair, face, glasses, sunglasses,

6 Perform on Stage

guitarist, performance, person, musician, bassist,

7 Invent a Recipe

human action, eating, meal, cooking, food,

8 Teach Something New to Someone

human action, underpants, active undergarment, clothing, muscle,

9 Perform a Random Act of Kindness

clothing, costume, dress, photo shoot, model,

10 Learn to Meditate

Learn to Meditate

11 Learn How to Sing

hair, hairstyle, glasses, selfie, hairdresser,

12 Laugh until You Cry

hair, clothing, person, black hair, photography,

13 Write a Poem

pink, art,

14 Console Someone to Help Ease Their Pain

glasses, photo shoot,

15 Speak out for Someone else

pink, font, product, textile, pattern,

16 Save the Life of a Wild Animal

mammal, vertebrate, skin, head, fox,

17 Enjoy Breakfast in Bed


18 Take Your Dog for a Walk in the Woods

mammal, kangaroo, marsupial, macropodidae,

19 Watch Chicks Hatch

bird, vertebrate, beak, chicken, galliformes,

20 Shampoo Your Hair out in the Rain

hair, clothing, photography, wedding dress, dress,

21 Watch Fireflies

Watch Fireflies

22 Have a Snowball Fight

snow, winter, weather, season, freezing,

23 Rake Leaves into a Pile and Jump into It

tree, season, autumn, leaf, flower,

24 Read a Book Cover to Cover in One Session

Read a Book Cover to Cover in One Session

25 Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast

hair, person, clothing, lady, beauty,

26 Go Snorkeling

swimming, marine biology, sports, water sport, swimmer,

27 Hold a Newborn Baby in Your Arms

hair, person, clothing, blond, human positions,

28 Learn How to Play a Musical Instrument

sitting, flower,

29 Spend a Night Stargazing

sky, galaxy, star, night, astronomical object,

30 Hit a Club and Dance All Night Long

human action, person, supermodel, brown hair, black hair,

31 Camp – Even if Just for One Night


32 Go Skinny Dipping

clothing, sea, vacation, swimwear, underwater,

33 Drink Champagne and Eat Strawberries

boat, vehicle, boating, vacation, watercraft,

34 Ride a Camel or a Donkey

image, people, natural environment, camel, landscape,

35 Paddle a Kayak

vehicle, boating, boat, kayak, sea,

36 Walk Alone on the Beach

clothing, swimwear, vacation, beach, leg,

37 Spend a Night in a 5-star Hotel

bride, woman, dress, flower, floristry,

38 Listen to the Old Stories Your Granddad/grandmother Has to Tell

yellow, clothing, child, day, spring,

39 Attend an Ice Hockey Game

Attend an Ice Hockey Game

40 Surprise Someone by Throwing Them a Party

photography, music, nightclub, disco, singing,

41 Tailgate at a Baseball Game

color, human action, day, art, sense,

42 Bake Cookies with a Little One

food, dish, dessert, meal, breakfast,

43 Witness a Baby Animal Being Born


44 Get on a Skateboard

clothing, footwear, fashion, skateboard, skateboarding equipment and supplies,

45 Make a Stranger Smile

facial expression, photograph, blue, person, fun,

46 Go on a Television Quiz Show

hair, clothing, person, woman, girl,

47 Eat Cold Pizza for Breakfast

clothing, snapshot, cap, fashion, dress,

48 Take a Road Trip with Friends

car, vehicle, mode of transport, glasses, automobile make,

49 Freewheel Downhill

bicycle, road bicycle, vehicle, leisure, racing bicycle,

50 Go to a Fancy Dress Party

bicycle, road bicycle, vehicle, leisure, racing bicycle,

51 Make a “big Things” Bucket List

blond, interaction, dog like mammal, dog walking,How many of the above have you done and what else should be added?

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