9 Modern Girl Code Rules You Haven't Heard before ...

Us women have to watch out for each other. If we all band together instead of treating each other like rivals, we're all going to have easier lives. That's why you should follow these modern girl code rules:

1. Like Her Selfies

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We live in a world filled with selfies. If your best friend posts a picture of herself on Tumblr, Facebook, or Instagram, then it's your duty to like it or leave a sweet comment on it. There's nothing worse than getting no attention on a picture you were proud of--especially if that picture is of your face. Don't let your friend become insecure. Like her selfie to give her a boost of confidence.

2. Help Her Home Safely

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Girl code extends to strangers. If you notice a woman at a bar or at a concert who's stumbling around, you should look out for her. If she doesn't have any friends with her, then help her walk back to her house or hail a cab. Us girls need to stick together if we want to stay safe.

3. Don't Hate on Her Clothes

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Slut shaming should be a thing of the past. A woman can dress in whatever way she pleases. If your friend likes to wear miniskirts and low-cut tops, you can let her know that it's inappropriate for a job interview, but you shouldn't make fun of her for wearing it in her everyday life.

4. Give Her a Hand

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If a stranger in a restroom asks you for a tampon or pad, give her one. The same advice applies when another woman is in need of toilet paper, a hairband, or a painkiller. Those items are easily replaceable, so play the part of a hero and give them to women in need.

5. Be Her Escape

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You should create code words in order to help your friends out of jams. That way, when your BFF goes on a blind date, she can call or text you a certain word to let you know she needs your help. Then you can swoop in and get her out of that bad situation.

6. Watch out for Her

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When you drop your friend off at her house, don't drive away until she's safely inside. You don't want to leave too early, because she might've forgotten her key, or a stranger could be hiding in the bushes to hurt her. Be patient and wait for her to open the door before you drive away.

7. Be Blunt with Her

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If you see another girl with lipstick on her teeth or with a hole in her jeans, tell her. Sure, it's an awkward thing to say, but it can save her from further embarrassment. The sooner she knows about the mishap, the sooner she can fix it.

8. Never Flirt with Her BF

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You should never, under any circumstances, flirt with a guy who already has a girlfriend. It doesn't matter if you're friends with the woman or if you've never met her in your life. Either way, you should be respectful by keeping your hands to yourself.

9. Don't Date Her Crush

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You already know that it's dangerous to date a friend's ex. However, it's equally as bad to date a friend's crush. If you know that she's liked a guy for years, ask her if she'd be okay with you making a move before you actually do. That way, you'll stay on each other's good sides.

If women choose to should stick together instead of acting like enemies, the world will be a happier place. Do you follow all of these girl code rules?

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