Why Women Should Arrive Early for the Girl Who's Always Late ...


Why Women Should Arrive Early for the Girl Who's Always Late  ...
Why Women Should Arrive Early for the Girl Who's Always Late  ...

You might scream when your alarm clock goes off in the mornings. But rather that hit the snooze button and lie in bed another hour, there are benefits to getting an early start and getting to work a little earlier. It might seem like no good can come from getting to work early, especially if you hate your job. But getting an early start is more beneficial than you think. Here are seven reasons why you should always arrive early.

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Enjoy a Little Me Time

If you’re home for the summer or you’ve recently graduated college and moved back home, you might never have an opportunity to be alone with your thoughts. Your parents or siblings might constantly knock on your bedroom door, and the mornings at home can be hectic and loud. If you arrive to work before anyone else arrives, you might be able to spend 20 or 30 minutes sitting at your desk enjoying peace and quiet.


Drink Your Coffee Uninterrupted

If there's a coffee maker at the office, you can skip your morning coffee stop and get to the office early to brew a fresh cup of coffee. Since you've arrived early, you can actually sit at your desk and drink your entire cup of coffee before you have to start your workday.


Get to Know Your Boss

Getting noticed at work and be the difference between staying in the same position and getting promoted. There’s probably no time to chit-chat and catch up with your boss during the workday. If you get to work earlier in the mornings, you might be able to squeeze in a little small talk while drinking your cups of coffee.


Plan Your Day

If you’re always rushing in the mornings and you get to work right before it’s time to start working, there's little time to plan your day. You might go about the day aimlessly and not complete everything on your list. But if you arrive early, you can create a plan for the day and get focused.


Jump-start Your Day

If there isn’t enough time in the day, coming into work early can ensure you meet deadlines and finish your tasks for the day. Coming in earlier can also alleviate staying late or having to bring work home in the evenings.


Beat Traffic

Depending on where you live, traffic congestion can be a beast. During rush hour, it might take you an hour to drive a route that normally takes 30 minutes. Additionally, sitting in traffic wastes fuel, which can cause you to pay more at the pump. If you leave home earlier and beat rush hour traffic, you’ll get to work sooner and get your day off to a good start.


Get the Early Calls

If you're the first one in the office, there’s an opportunity to answer sales calls that come in while your coworkers are sitting in traffic. Your office might not open for business until 9:00 AM, but this doesn’t stop potential customers from calling around 8 AM or 8:30 AM. The more calls you get, the more opportunity to increase your sales and income.

Some people might laugh at the idea of purposely getting to work early. But if you find that there isn't enough time in the day to complete all your work, an earlier start might be the secret to a smoother workday. What are other benefits of arriving early?

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No matter how much time I have before I have to be somewhere, I always end up running late. I'm a procrastinator of the worst kind!

I physically hate getting outta bed. Get anxious thinking about daily tasks

This was my habit at every job I ever held. Even when I had kids. Being in the office before the boss got noticed. And I could fly out the door at quitting time with tasks accomplished, no job guilt, good profile with the boss, and plenty of time with the kids.

It's always a photo finish when it comes to racing the clock for me!

I can either be on time or wearing clothing - choose wisely LOL


I am too lazzzzzzzy

I procrastinate and think a lot to

I always arrive everywhere makes a huge difference :-)

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