Irksome Struggles That Tall Girls Will Totes Relate to ...

By Melissa

Irksome Struggles That Tall Girls Will Totes Relate to ...

If you are over 5 ft 9 then you already know the struggle is real. Others may think tall girls have it made, but they just don’t get it. Sure, we can reach the top shelf and you don’t have to worry about someone’s head blocking your view at the movies, but the struggle goes much deeper than any of that.

1 Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts Ha! That’s a joke right? How many times have you gone to try on a maxi skirt with great hopes that it will truly be a maxi, only to have it come well above your ankles? Next!

2 Clothes in General

Clothes in General Jeans are too short. Even jeans made for tall girls can be too short. Dresses often look like shirts on tall girls. Long sleeves become three-quarter sleeves and most every shirt we wear requires a cami to keep our tummies covered. I am telling you the struggle is real!

3 Always Wearing Flats

Always Wearing Flats I mean, most of us feel we are tall enough already so we settle for flats most of the time. When we do get adventurous and put on a pair of heels we tower over everyone even more, including our 6 ft 2 boyfriends.

4 Taking Pictures

Taking Pictures Ugh! I can either stand up straight while everyone else in the picture comes to my shoulders or I can squat down awkwardly to look the same height as everyone else. Typically I go for the squat but there has to be a better option. Taller friends?

5 Hugs

Hugs Oh man, this is definitely awkward! Many times when hugging other people, they end up lost in my cleavage. Their heads just seem to come to the right spot. When it’s a good friend or family member it makes for a good laugh, but what about a stranger? It’s a disaster! Side hugs are weird too. How are my pits smelling today, thanks?

6 Do You Play Basketball?

Do You Play Basketball? Just because I am tall doesn’t mean I play basketball. Before you ask, I don’t play volleyball either. Sorry if you think I’ve wasted all this height, it just wasn’t my thing.

7 Are You a Model?

Are You a Model? Now this question is a little easier to handle. In most cases, models are tall. It’s nice to know someone thinks you have model qualities. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Short girls, we know you struggle too. We all feel awkward from time to time. Ill fitted clothing, strange personal interactions and odd questions can make anyone feel the struggle, but know that you are still an awesome person. You just needed a little more height to pack in the awesomeness.

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I'm like 176 cm and 14 #stillgrowing 😒

It's so annoying when everybody comments on how tall you are or how they wish they were tall like me. If it weren't all the comments I get on my height, I actually wouldn't mind staying tall. All of these things happens but I think the most annoying ones are the ones where people ask, "You should be a model! Your so tall!". It makes me feel anxious because all the spotlight is on me.

I'm 14 and I'm 5'10. I love it. ♥️

does 5'8 count? lol but #2 and #6 are soo true😂 I was always the tallest in my class until like 7th grade and everyone was always like "omg you're so tall" "I wanna be tall like you" but eventually I blended in, not that I don't like being tall lol

i am tall and it has its advantages and disadvantages. It'd all fun

This article definitely has my praise, lol. I am 6'1 and not being able to find a cute dress that looks modest is something I have related to this Summer. But I have learned to get around the clothing. Like in order to wear a cute dress and still make it look modest (e.g. the Skater dresses), I will wear a pair if leggings with it. And to be able to find a fashionable pair of jeans I don't mond if they hit at my ankles/calves anymore since the cropped jeans style is becoming pretty common.

My older brothers 16 and he's only 5'5... I'm 13 and I'm fricken 5'8😫😂

Story of my freaking life❗️

im 5'2, everyone is taller than me!

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