8 Things to Give up Today ...

By Jelena

8 Things to Give up Today ...

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Did you see them through or your mood to change went flat somewhere around 15th January? Well, I’m going to give you 8 things to give up today, regardless of your success with aforementioned resolutions. Things I see people doing, things I do myself although I know I shouldn’t and things that brings us all down, preventing us from reaching our full potential. Now, I know 24 hours is a pretty short time to whip up a mile long list of things to give up today so pick just one, make it a good one and say “Good bye” to it once and for all.

1 Stressing over Things You Can’t Change

Whenever you feel like you’re about to freak out ask yourself this, “Can I change it?” If the answer is “Yes”, force yourself to remain calm and try to find the best possible solution. If, however, the answer is “No”, don’t dwell on it any longer. My dad, for example, likes to engage in a little sport called, “Let’s hear the news, than discuss everything that’s wrong in the world today, then trash the politicians and, if that doesn’t make our blood pressure levels skyrocket, we can always discuss politics some more.” End result? High blood pressure for no good reason!

2 Trying to Please Everybody

You can’t please everybody and that’s a fact! Furthermore, the more you try to live up to everybody else’s standards, the more miserable and “less you” you’re going to be. The world is not fair and there will always be people who love you, people who truly hate you because, somewhere deep inside, they wish they could be more like you or because they simply enjoy hating. Live your life the way you want to, if you need an advice consult your loved ones, stay open for new friendships and treat all others as “temporary inconvenience”. I can’t guarantee everybody will like your choices but, hey, the ones who love you will learn to accept them because that’s what makes you happy and the ones who hate you… Well, they will always find something worth gossiping about.

3 Negative Thinking

Negative people spread negative energy so add this to your list of things to give up today. Think positive, think “I can” and think “everything will turn out okay”. If you’re constantly thinking something bad is going to happen you’ll always be 100% right because both bad and good things happen every day and which one will be more important depends on you and you only.

4 Overeating

Let me get one thing straight – I love to eat and I’m no stranger to overeating either, especially when it comes to nachos with cheese or gummy bears. I did, however, notice that allowing myself to eat more than my body considers enough makes me feel not only sick and heavy but a bit depressed too. That’s why I allow myself to snack as much as I want only once or two times a month and, that, my girls, works like a charm. I don’t feel guilty and I still get to munch on my favorite snacks. Give it a shot!

5 Playing Safe

Safe is good, safe is comfortable and safe is often less than you need to be happy. Just think about it – not even love is safe and, yet, we force ourselves to keep looking, hoping that our other, ideal half is just one bad break-up away. Sometimes you got to risk it all to get it all, to choose a road that looks promising although there are no flashing arrows pointing “this way”. If you fail, you’ll pick yourself up and take the safer road, if you succeed, you’ll be happier than you could ever imagine being. The important thing is that you won’t look back in a few years wondering what could have happened if you had chosen a different, riskier road.

6 Lies

Yes, lies are definitely one of the things to give up today simply because one little lie each day could build a very destructive web you’ll find very difficult to get out of in the future. One lie here and there doesn’t sound very dangerous, especially when your own behind needs saving, but once you get used to taking this easy way out, it quickly becomes too good to let go of.

7 Trying to Look Perfect All Day and Every Day

Trying to look like Victoria Beckham all day, every day will probably work only if you have a housekeeping team of at least four, celebrity status and nothing but fixing your makeup to keep you busy during the day. Normal person trying to keep up with this tempo will probably miss all the fun, suffer from a serious lack of sleep, back problems and sore feet. Relax and accept different looks, accept the fact that you’re beautiful without tons of makeup and fancy clothes. I, for example, had one of the best moments of my life dressed in a pair of jeans and flip flops. Had I ran to change my clothes, I would have missed them completely.

8 Failing to Take Responsibility for Your Own Actions

It’s immature and it certainly won’t get you far so consider this one of the most important things to give up today, tomorrow or whenever you’re ready to face the fact that you’re the one responsible for your own life. Yes, it’s much easier to say “life’s not fair” or “I haven’t been given a chance to prove myself”. In fact, if you want someone to blame, blame your parents, that one always works like a charm. Then find a REAL problem and start working on a good solution. It’s not easy but it will get you somewhere.

Can you think of more things to give up today? It doesn’t have to be something you do, it can also be something you find very annoying on others or something that affects you directly. Like: cheating, trying to own others…etc.

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