19 Ways to Deal when You πŸ™and Your πŸ‘©πŸ½Bestie πŸ‘­ Aren't Friends Anymore πŸ’” ...


Sometimes, breaking up with your bestie hits you harder than a failed relationship.

I know that feeling well.

My BFF of 11+ years was my go-to person for all things Degrassi and Grey's Anatomy related.

We would have serious conversations while trading Cristina Yang/Meredith Grey GIFS back and forth.2

Over the years, our phone calls and texts that were once filled with inside jokes faded into the occasional "Hey, we should catch up soon." There was never a big blow out - We just lost touch with each other over time.

It doesn't matter how your friendship ends, it hurts all the same.

You've been through a lot together and yet, nothing prepares you for the day when you stop being the dynamic duo and become total strangers.

Here's how you can deal when you lose your "person".

1. Read *this* before You do Anything: Mending Your Relationship with Your Ex-bestie Will Take Time. so Don't Force It

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2. There's Nothing Wrong with Mourning Your Loss

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3. It's Okay to Vent to Your Family and Friends. Hiding How Pissed or Hurt You Are Won't Make You Feel Any Better

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4. But Don't Put Your Mutual Friends in the Middle in the Process. That Will Only Make Things Super Awkward for the Both of You

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5. Avoid Bashing Your Ex-bestie on Social Media. It May Make You Feel Better in the Moment, but Will Only Bring on Unnecessary Drama

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6. Don't Drive Yourself Crazy by Stalking Her FB Status Updates and Snaps to See if She's Worse off or Having a Good Time without You 😟

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7. Ignoring My Ex-BFF on Social Was Hard, so I Unfollowed Her FB Posts (without Deleting Her) as a First Step/mental Health Break

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8. Before You Delete Your Ex-BFF, Ask Yourself This Question: do You Think This is Just a Rough Patch or is Your Friendship beyond Saving?

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If It's Better to Distance Yourself for Your Own Mental Health (or She Has Completely Cut You off), then It's Okay to Delete Her on Social
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