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7 Things to do when Your Best Friend is Sad ...

By Chelsie

When your best friend is sad, you naturally want to cheer them up as quickly as possible. However, you may be at a lack for ideas if the sad mood is overwhelming. If you do happen to be in need of ideas for things to do when your best friend is sad, this is the perfect list for you. It will give you plenty of ideas for how to cheer up your despondent best friend.

1 Movie Night

Having a movie night is a great thing you can do when your best friend is sad. Watch several of their favorite movies and make popcorn. This will help get your friend’s mind off of whatever is making them sad without ever having to leave the house. You can even wear your pajamas.

2 Bake Cookies

Baking cookies is a simple, yet often effective way to cheer up your best friend. The trick is to bake the cookies together. This way the two of you can eat the cookie dough and also have warm gooey cookies when they come out of the oven. Also, baking cooking cookies together will give your best friend an opportunity to talk about whatever is bothering them.

3 Zumba Class

Taking your best friend to a Zumba class is an almost surefire way to lift their spirits. The high energy and fun movements can boost endorphins and improve a sad mood. Also, it will give your best friend an opportunity to take their off of things for a while.

4 Listen

Sometimes when someone is feeling sad, all they really need is to talk. In which case, just listening is the best thing you can do. If talking will help your best friend feel better, set aside some time to listen. Letting your friend express their feelings without offering advice can really help them feel better.

5 Go out to Dinner

If you are both really busy, taking your best friend out to dinner is something wonderful you can do for them. This will give your friend an opportunity to talk about what is making them sad while also eating a wonderful meal. Also, you will both be able to relax and spend some time together.

6 Shopping Day

When your best friend is having a hard time, one thing you can do is take them out shopping for a day. Sometimes a little “retail therapy” is all that is needed to cheer up your best friend. Even if no one buys anything, browsing through the stores can still help your friend feel better because they are out of the house relaxing and talking.

7 Day at the Park

If shopping isn’t your best friends favorite activity, considering spending the day at the park. You can pack a lunch and bring a blanket to sit on. Relaxing in the fresh air may help boost your friend’s mood, and if that doesn’t work, having the chance to talk just might.

When your best friend is feeling sad, it can make you feel upset too. Instead of getting upset, you can do some of these things to try and help your friend feel better. How do you cheer up your best friend?

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