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7 Things to do when Your Best Friend is Too Busy for You ...

By Alicia

There are times in life when your best friend is too busy for you or at least that is how you feel. This is not a good feeling. You may feel lonely or sad because she doesn’t have time to hang out or talk like she usually does. These are some things that you can do when your best friend is too busy for you.

1 Be Understanding

First of all, it is good to try to be understanding when your best friend is too busy for you. Maybe she truly is just swamped with work or school. This may be a very busy season in her life. It is possible that things will calm back down and your friendship can go back to normal. In the meantime, try to understand that she may have a lot going on.

2 Work around Her Schedule

If your best friend is super busy, don’t think that all options are out for getting together. Maybe you still can work out a time to meet for coffee or hang out at the mall. You may have to work around her schedule. Ask her when would be a good time for her. This idea can be very helpful in giving you best friend time again.

3 Take the Initiative

If your best friend is super busy, don’t wait on her to make contact to get together. Although she would probably love to get together, the thought may not have crossed her mind. She may have her hands full just keeping her head above water if she has a lot going on. Take the initiative to initiate a time to get together. Most likely she will appreciate the gesture.

4 Hang out with Other Friends

If your best friend just cannot make time for you right now, hang out with other friends. Times like this are a good reminder of why you shouldn’t have just one friend. Everyone needs more than one friend. There are times that one friend cannot be there for you. When this happens, you can turn to other friends, if you have them. If you don’t have other friends, this is a good time to make some.

5 Let Her Know You Will Be There

Sometimes your best friend may be going through a particularly hard time. Maybe her parents are divorcing or she has a very sick family member. Don’t hold those things against her. Let her know you will be there when she has time to get together or talk. In the meantime, try to be a supportive friend from afar.

6 Talk to Her

If you suspect that your friend may not be as busy as she claims to be, talk to her. Ask her what’s going on with her. Ask if you have hurt her in some way. If she is pulling away from you under the cloak of busyness, there may be a reason. You may not be able to save the friendship but you can try.

7 Move on

If it is clear that your best friend isn’t just going through a busy time and has no indication of making time for you anytime soon, you may need to move on. You should only do this if you feel she is truly giving you the hint that she no longer wants to be friends. If that is the situation, accept it. It can be hard to accept but sometimes friends do just take different paths in life. Be happy about the good times you shared and look forward to a bright future with new friends.

These are some options you can try when it seems your best friend is too busy for you. Have you been through this? What was the outcome in your situation?

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