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Would you like to have a closer relationship with your sister? Many women discover that they feel this way at some point in their lives. You may have once been close and drifted apart with the passing of time or you have always gotten along great but would like to be closer. If you feel that way, these are some things you can do to help you have a closer relationship with your sister.

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Have Fun Together

One great way to have a closer relationship with your sister is to have fun together. You can always have fun together, no matter what age you are. Share a joke to share a laugh. Do fun activities together. Just enjoy each other’s company and you will soon see your closeness grow.


Enjoying shared experiences strengthens your bond. Try taking a class together, whether it's cooking, dancing, or pottery—it's a wonderful opportunity to learn and create memories. Alternatively, schedule regular sister dates to explore new restaurants or watch movies. Create traditions like an annual sisters' trip or holiday crafting session. These don't have to be expensive or elaborate—a simple picnic in the park can be just as meaningful. Embrace your shared interests and also be open to exploring each other’s hobbies—diversity in activities can add richness to your relationship.


Treat Your Relationship as a Friendship

If you treat your relationship with your sister as a friendship, you will become closer. Be considerate of her like you are with your other friends. Do something for her when she is feeling down. If you are a friend to her, she will most likely return the gesture. This is a great cycle to begin.


Treating your relationship as a friendship means actively listening to her and sharing your own experiences honestly. Laugh together over inside jokes, and respect each other's boundaries as you would with any close friend. Remember that small, thoughtful gestures – like sending a funny meme or text to brighten her day – can deepen the bond between you. It's these consistent acts of kindness and understanding that nurture a friendship, and in turn, will strengthen your sisterly tie.


Be Protective of Her

There are few things that will make you care more for your siblings than when they are protective of you. You can likely easily understand that, so you will also see the value in being protective of your sibling. Let your sister know you have got her back. If someone is hassling her, boost her confidence by helping her face them. You can also be protective by letting her know you care when she is down, sick or hurt.


Share Little Moments

Little moments are actually very big deals. They help form a chain that ties you together. You are in on all the little moments that make up life. Tell each other stories about your day. Send pictures of silly things that happen to you.


Sharing the seemingly mundane details of your daily routines can build a deep connection over time. Send a quick text about that coffee shop you stumbled upon, or the song that reminded you of an old inside joke. You never know, these small snippets might just make her day. When one of you has a success, even if it's just perfecting a new recipe or finishing a challenging workout, celebrate these victories together – because these victories are your shared joys. And in challenging moments, the comfort in knowing you have each other's backs in the day-to-day can be a powerful bond.


Spend Time Together

Spending time together is part of any good relationship. You can’t expect your relationship to be strong if you are never together. It can be hard to match schedules but it is worth the effort. Even if all you can squeeze in is a once a month lunch, it is better than no time together. You will probably find that you look forward to those times you share.


Realize the Depth of Your Relationship

This is another point to ponder. Realizing the depth of your relationship with your sister can help you to become closer. Your sister is a person that will be in your life all your life. She is a built in friend if you will treasure your relationship. Even if you aren’t close to your sister now, you can become that way by following this tip and the others listed here.


Weather a Family Crisis Together

You certainly don’t want to wish yourself into a family crisis but if you find yourself in one, weather it together. Be there for each other. Stand together and give each other support. Hard times can certainly cement a relationship. This is a blessing in the midst of a difficulty.

These are some tips that can help you to become closer to your sister. What do you do to stay close to yours? Please share your tips.

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#5 How get bond with my sister

My sister is 15 years older, so we were never really close. I'm glad that as I begun getting older, we were able to find common grounds. I often wish we had a closer age gap, but what can you do.

My sis n I share 71/2 years gap so we weren't close but post marriage n kid we do have close moments

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