8 Things to do when Your Friend Dumps You ...


8 Things to do when Your Friend Dumps You ...
8 Things to do when Your Friend Dumps You ...

Losing a friend can be one of the most painful experiences in life; sometimes it´s even worse than losing a partner. Friends are supposed to be forever, but many of us have been through the shock of a friend we've known since childhood cutting contact. Sadly, losing a friend is sometimes permanent; you can´t always repair the situation. So here´s what to do if your friend dumps you.

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Ask Why

You always end up wondering what to do if your friend dumps you. Start by trying to talk to them. Have you done anything to offend them? Sometimes you say something without realizing what you've done. We all put our foot in our mouths at times! If they´re truly your friend, they will be willing to talk about what´s upset them – if they don´t, then sadly there is nothing you can do.



Apologies don´t come easy, for sure. But if you've made a mistake and upset your friend enough for them to stop contact, then be a big person and tell them you are sorry. It might not be easy, but a genuine apology should be accepted – again, if they won´t, well, at least you tried to fix things.


Leave Communication Open

Perhaps your friend doesn't want to talk to you right now. You may not know the reason why, and in fact it could be nothing to do with you. So leave them be, don´t pester them to answer your calls, but let them know that you are there if they want to talk.


It's important to remember that your friend's decision to end the friendship may have nothing to do with you. Respect their wishes and give them space, but make sure they know you're still there if they need to talk. If they don't answer your calls or messages, don't take it personally and don't try to pressure them into talking. Let them know you're available when they're ready, and that you're not going to judge them or try to change their mind. It's important to be understanding and not take it personally.


Time Limited

We are brought up with the idea that friendships should last forever. Some do endure, but the reality is that there are many stages in life and some friendships belong to a particular stage. For example, you may be great friends with someone at college, but find that several years later you have nothing in common with them any more.


Friendships are often portrayed as unbreakable bonds that should last a lifetime. However, the reality is that friendships can come to an end for various reasons. According to studies, the average friendship only lasts for about seven years. This is due to the natural evolution of life stages and changes in interests and priorities. It is also common for friendships to end due to conflicts or misunderstandings. It is important to recognize that not all friendships are meant to last forever and it is okay to let go of toxic or unfulfilling friendships. It is also important to cherish and appreciate the friendships that do endure through different stages of life.


Not Your Fault

Sometimes, losing a friend is not your fault in any way. Maybe they have problems that they need to deal with, and they´re taking those problems out on you. Some people are just angry at the world, or find it hard to maintain relationships with others.


It's important to recognize that personal struggles can often spill over into someone's friendships. If you find that a friend is pushing you away, consider that it may be a reflection of what they are going through rather than anything you've done. It may be tough, but offering compassion from a distance and not taking their behavior personally can be the healthiest choice. Remember, you can't control the actions of others, but you can control how you respond and move forward with your own well-being in mind.



Like a romantic relationship, friendships need compromise to make them work. If you truly value a friend, then you may have to make concessions to maintain the friendship. So if they dump you, ask yourself if there is anything you can do that you might not really want to, but is worth the effort for your friend´s sake.


Compromise is essential in any relationship, especially friendships. When your friend dumps you, it can be difficult to stay positive. However, it's important to think about what you can do to maintain the friendship. You may have to make concessions that you don't necessarily want to make, but if you value the friendship, it's worth the effort. Consider talking to your friend and expressing your feelings in a calm and understanding way. Showing understanding for their situation and trying to find a solution together can help keep the friendship alive.



Sometimes accepting that a friendship is over is the smartest move. It may be painful – after all, who likes being dropped? – but we can´t always repair things. Besides, if someone no longer wants to be friends with you, what is the point of trying to hang on? Better to accept that it´s over and let go.


Accepting that a friendship is over can be difficult and painful. It is important to remember that if someone no longer wants to be friends with you, it is best to let go and move on. It can be helpful to talk to a trusted friend or family member about the situation and find ways to cope with the emotions that come with being dumped. It is also important to take time for yourself to focus on self-care and to do activities that make you feel good. Lastly, it can be beneficial to practice self-compassion and to remember that it is okay to feel hurt and to take time to heal.


Move on

After losing a friend, it´s hard to move on. As with the end of any relationship, you feel a sense of loss. However, it´s something you have to come to terms with. For whatever reason – and sometimes you never do find out why – your friend no longer wants you in their life. So it has to be dealt with – then you should move on and put it behind you.

Often you have no idea what to do if your friend dumps you. However hard it is to say goodbye to someone who was important to you, it has to be done. Losing a friend can be very painful, but sometimes it can actually be a relief. We´ve all had friends who just take advantage and don´t really know what true friendship is – you are better off without people like that in your life. Have you ever lost a friend and never known why, or for a stupid reason?

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My best friend isn't talking to me because of the guy I like (who I've been with for 3 years. She now decides it's a good time to be mad at me.) Well, I lost my grandma, my stpedad, & 2 of my uncles in the last 4 months. Not ONE single time has she said, "Hey, I know we're upset at each other right now, but I'm so sorry for your loss, I'm here if you need me." I'm really mad at her & if she says nothing soon, I'm going to tell her off for not being a good friend in my time of need, even though we're fighting.

i lost my my bestfriend heaps of times but i dont care no more but sometimes i relized HAY! ive just lost my bestfriend from primary school in yr 6 and they are so nice when there around others but me im just a lonley yr 10 girl but i have a boyfriend that protects me from all the stuff that they said and my boyfriend even had ago at them <3

So true! This happened with my best friend recently. I will miss our relationship but it could've never been the same after all the drama.:/

My best friend of 8 years dumped me over a guy. She didn't like the guy I was with, but she instead of talking to me, she just dumped me. It was hard for me, and it still is, especially when I see her so happy with her new BFF. But I moved on and realized she obviously wasn't a good friend if she could forget me that fast, and I'm much happier now!

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