6 Negative Body Language Postures to Stop to Avoid Sending the Wrong Signals ...


6 Negative Body Language Postures to Stop to Avoid Sending the Wrong Signals ...
6 Negative Body Language Postures to Stop to Avoid Sending the Wrong Signals ...

Body language plays a significant role in how we appear to others and the way others define us. There are open, positive postures, but there are also negative body language postures. Our body movements send a message that reveals who we are to the people around us. This is done subconsciously, but can give off a positive or negative signal to those around you. Below are 6 important negative body language postures to stop if you want to avoid giving the wrong impression.

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Sloughing makes a terrible impression. It projects low self confidence and makes you appear lazy, making this one of the best body language tips to consider. Don’t permit your body to fold in on its self, but instead, sit or stand straight to appear confident and authoritative.


Crossing Arms or Legs

Crossing your arms or legs indicates that you’re not open to others. It kills the boundaries of negotiation and friendship. Even worse, it can be observed as a sign of a defender, combative and ill-mannered.


Standing Too Close

Avoid standing too close to your friend, colleague or boss. This signifies that you’re occupying their intimate space which will make them feel uncomfortable, anxious and threatened. So respect their private zone and put a little bit of space between the two of you.


Face Touching

Make sure you aren't touching your face when you're in the middle of a conversation. This can send a subconscious signal that you're lying or bored.


Looking down in the Presence of Others

Stop looking at your phone or watching the clock when other people are presenting a project or talking to you. This reveals that you have lost interest, disrespect their effort and even feel superior to them.


Shifting Your Feet

Don’t shift your body weight from one foot to another. It symbolizes anxiety and frustration. By doing it, you might reveal that you are mentally or physically distressed. It’s like you’re hiding something or have the urge to quit.

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