12 Tips on How to save Water at Home ...


Knowing how to save water at home should be important to all of us.

Water conservation is a serious emerging global issue.

Besides being concerned about it on the personal level (i.e.

saving up on utility bills), most of us also care enough to be concerned about it on the global level.

After all, it is the liquid of life.

A life without it can not be imagined.

Who amongst us wants to shrivel up with dryness?2

Or live without taking a bath?

The answer is none.

Since the availability of clean water is becoming a worldwide problem, it is only fair if we care about conserving it, for both ourselves and the coming generations.

Cited below are 12 Tips on How to Save Water at Home.

1. Start from Simple Things

Where do you think the most water is consumed at home?

That’s right.

It is the washroom.

Let’s start with ways to conserve water in the toilets first.

First and the most common is the wasted water while brushing, showering and washing hands.

Make sure you turn off the water while brushing your teeth, using the soap and while applying shampoo during a shower.

It will save gallons of water

2. Check for Leaky Parts

The worst way to lose water is a leak.

It goes to the sewage pipes without ever being used.

Check everywhere in your bathroom for leaky pipes and faucets.

It is better to do a complete survey of your home before you call the plumber to fix the leaks.

The leaks can be anywhere in your home

3. Loo Leaks

Most of us never give second thought to our toilets and knowing how to save water doesn’t mean becoming a pseudo-plumber.

There is a simple test tocheck if you have a leaky toilet tank.

Open it and put some food color in.

If color seeps into the water in the toilet bowl within half an hour, your toilet is definitely leaking.

Make arrangements to fix it.

It's a Toilet, Not a Waste Bin
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