21 Things to do before You Turn 21 ...

Life as a teen can be pretty dramatic and emotional at times, but it can also be amazing, and that’s why I put together a list of things to do before you turn 21.

When you turn 21 you have officially hit adulthood and have responsibilities you most likely didn’t worry about before.

So before that adult feeling sinks in, have fun with these 21 things to do before you turn 21...

1. Conquer One of Your Fears...

Yes, some of these things to do before you turn 21 can be done afterwards.

However, when you face one of your fears during your teen years it will help push you to do great things in the future.

Whether your fear is getting on the upside down roller coaster, asking out that special someone, or applying to that awesome Summer job you’ve been dreaming of, climb that hill and kick fear in the ass!

The rush, the excitement, and the feeling of conquering something you never thought you could do is an out of this world experience you should have before you turn 21.

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