9 Fun Holiday Traditions to do with Your Family ...


Are you on the hunt for some fun holiday traditions to start with your family?

I have fond memories of holiday traditions we used to have when I was a little girl.

Now that I have my own family, I’ve started many new traditions and kept some of the old ones as well.

I’d love to share a few classic and fun holiday traditions to give you some ideas for your own family!

1. Getting a Real Tree

One of the most fun holiday traditions I remember as a child was getting to pick out a real Christmas tree each year!

Something about finding the β€œperfect” tree always appeals to kids.

The smell of pine needles in your home will also be one more aspect of Christmas to love!

2. Specific Gifts Each Year

My mother has several gifts she always buys each year for my siblings and myself in addition to our other presents.

Some of the things she gets us each year include a Christmas book, an ornament, and new pajamas.

Having a few gifts that we knew about was fun, in addition to the suspense for our other packages under the tree.

3. Christmas Eve Routine

Start a Christmas Eve routine.

It could include getting ready for bed in new Christmas PJs, reading a Christmas story, and watching a Christmas movie with hot chocolate and popcorn.2

Then tuck your children into bed with the promise of an exciting morning to follow!

4. Go Caroling

Christmas caroling is an old and rather quaint tradition, but it always warms my heart to hear carolers!

Even if you don’t have much of a singing voice, you could still hum along and just have fun.

Grabbing some cousins and aunts or uncles to take along will add to the fun and merriment of it all.

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