7 Ways to Properly Welcome the Year of the Horse ...

When it comes to winter holidays, some people tend to focus more on Christmas while others put all of their effort into welcoming the year of the horse. Places such as Russia, Uzbekistan and other Middle Eastern countries take New Year’s Eve very seriously and have their own certain traditions. According to the Chinese calendar, the year of 2014 is the year of the blue wooden horse, so in order to welcome it properly here are 7 ways to celebrate the year of the horse.

1. Décor

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One of the first ways to properly welcome the year of the horse is to appropriately design your home. According to astrologists the year of the horse is represented by the blue, purple, green, gray and teal colors. Therefore, instead of having the red and green theme, it would be refreshing to switch to blue, purple and gray hues. Other appropriate accessories that would perfectly fit into the theme are small wooden ornaments on your trees. Even wooden horse accessories spread around your house would add a perfect touch to the décor.

2. Outfit

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As you might have already guessed, the best colors to wear on New Year’s Eve would be shades of blue, black, purple, green, gray and even some metallic colors. Since horses are very powerful and elegant creatures, your outfits should be elegant but fierce. So don’t be afraid to pull out skirts with deep cuts! In addition, don’t disregard your accessories, as they can add some bold touches and give off a luxurious look.

3. Holiday Dinner

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When it comes to holiday dinner, anything really goes. However, for the year of the horse, your table should have a lot of greens and fruits, along with a fresh loaf of bread. When it comes to drinking, your table should have some alcohol but not anything too strong. In addition, going with the theme of the blue wooden horse, it would be best if your dishes were served on wooden plates, but of course glass and ceramics are never out of the question.

4. The Company

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Horses are very dynamic animals but they often spend most of their time at the stables, which is why celebrating this holiday season would be best with close family and friends. Of course your celebration method is directly up to you! Whether you want to stay at home with your immediate family, go out to a restaurant or even watch the ball drop at Times Square, it is your choice. However, make sure you spend it with the right people surrounding you.

5. Presents

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While many view Christmas as a present-giving holiday, others actually wait until the New Year’s Eve to exchange gifts. However, gifts never have to be expensive, they can be as little as just holiday cards and handmade cups. But, since we are going with the 2014 theme, small horse souvenirs would make the most appropriate gifts!

6. The Hair-do

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While you can go with any hair-do that your heart desires, there are some perfect ideas for welcoming the year of 2014. Horses are known for long and coarse hair; therefore, you can always go with the straight or curly look. On the other hand, the long horse ponytails would be even more appropriate, or you can always go for the fierce and messy braids!

7. Makeup

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Your makeup look should really depend on how you will be welcoming the New Year. If you are attending a New Year’s party, you can go for a darker and bolder look, but if you are celebrating it in your inner circle, going natural never hurts. In addition, you can always incorporate metallic, blue and purple colors into your look for the year of the wooden blue horse.

With the holiday festivities around the corner, families and friends are finally getting the chance to get together and enjoy the holiday spirit. How will you be celebrating Christmas and New Year? Whichever way you do, make sure to make it memorable!

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