7 Emojis You Didn't Know You Were Using Wrong ...


You see emojis every single day, but do you ever stop to think about their actual meaning?

Most of us see certain pictures and automatically assume that they mean one thing, even though they really have a completely different meaning.

Well, it's time to get informed.

Here are a few emojis you didn't know you were using wrong:

1. Absolutely Astonished

Absolutely Astonished

You probably use this emoji after fangirling about The Avengers and claiming that you're dead.

However, those Xs on the eyes don't mean that this emoji is deceased.

It actually means that he's astonished.

So the next time your friend tells you something unbelievable, you can use this emoji for its proper purpose.2

2. An Information Desk Diva

An Information Desk Diva

This is probably the emoji that is misinterpreted the most.

No, she's not a girl giving you sass.

She's a girl that works at an information desk.

Of course, you might as well keep using this one in the wrong way, because when will you get the chance to use it to describe a lady at an information desk?

It's better off that she's used wrong.

3. Too Nervous to Hide It

Too Nervous to Hide It

This doesn't mean that you've just gotten back from the gym and are still sweating from your time on the treadmill.

It actually means that you're nervous about what you're about to do.

So if you're headed to a job interview or to meet a man for your first date, you can use this emoji to show that you're trying to play it cool, even though you're freaking out on the inside.

4. Feeling a-Okay

Feeling a-Okay

No, she's not trying to do the Macarena or the YMCA.

She's actually making the "OK" sign with her hands.

So if your pal asks you if you'll meet her at Friendly's tonight, you can answer her question with this emoji.

You might want to explain what it means to her after the fact though, because you don't want to miss out on your chance to gulp down a Fribble.

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