15 Fancy Words to Use That'll Make You Feel like Royalty ...


The words you choose to use can make you sound more or less intelligent. That's why you should aim to learn as many as you can cram into your brain. Here are a few fancy ones that you should add to your vocabulary:

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This word is used to describe the atmosphere. So the next time your boyfriend does something sweet, like decorate your room with rose petals, you can thank him for the romantic ambience.



This word is used to describe a painting done in watercolors. It should be useful the next time you take a trip to a museum with your friends.



Bastille is more than an amazing rock band. It's actually a word that means jail or prison. There was also a fortress in Paris called The Bastille.



This word is used to describe someone who is crazy about books. So if you have a large collection of novels that just keeps expanding, you're probably a bibliophile.



This word is used to describe an arrogant person. So if someone you know won't stop bragging, you can call them a braggadocio.



This word is used to describe the rhythmic flow of the sounds of language. However, it can also be used to describe "a sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase."



This word means heavenly or holy. You can call an angel a celestial being, or you could simply use celestial to describe your perfect first date.


When the stars line up for a serendipitous moment that feels divinely orchestrated, one cannot help but refer to it as celestial. Picture a stroll in a garden beneath a tapestry of twinkling constellations, where the ethereal glow of the moon bathes everything in soft luminescence. Such an experience doesn't just elevate the soul—it sweeps you into a realm that feels transcendent and otherworldly. It's the sort of sublime beauty that makes you believe in the magic of the cosmos and the unseen threads that weave our fates. Indeed, there's something celestial about moments that are too perfect to be anything but kissed by the divine.



This word is used to describe informal conversations. It's not the way you would speak to your boss. It's the way you would speak to your friends who love using slang and curse words.



This means "to recover one's health and strength over a period of time after an illness or operation." So if you're ever unfortunate enough to get into an accident, you can use this word to describe your time in the hospital.



This word is used to describe "a casual romantic or sexual relationship." If you have any summer flings this season, you can consider them dalliances.



This word is used to describe listlessness or boredom. When you have nothing exciting to do, then you can use this term to describe your life.



This word describes a revelation of thought. When you suddenly realize what you want to do with your life, you can say that you've just had an epiphany.



This word means edible. If your mother asks you what you think of her meal, and you're not very happy with it, just call it esculent. Hopefully she won't look up the definition.



This word relates to thoughts about existence. If you've ever watched videos of Dan Howell, you've probably seen him talk about his existential crises. It just means that he's been thinking a lot about the world and what his place in it should be.



This isn't just a pretty girl's name. It's also a word used to describe a state of utter happiness. Use it to describe your emotional state the next time your crush talks to you.

As long as you use these words in the correct way, all of your friends will view you as a genius. What other words do you consider to be fancy?

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A nice list, but as an artist and Art History major, we don't really say we paint in "aquarelle". We say "watercolour". Aquarelle, while technically correct, sounds a little pretentious.

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