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17 Hawaiian Words to Learn besides Aloha ...

By Holly

We all know that aloha is the Hawaiian word for hello, but how many other words do you know how to say? Most people can't utter more than two or three, but it's time for that to change. Here are a few Hawaiian words that you can start using today:

1 Mahalo

Mahalo means thank you. Aside from aloha, this is probably the most recognized word, so if you use it on someone who's never been to Hawaii, they should still understand what you're trying to say.

2 Hana

Hana means work. So instead of telling your parents you need a ride to work, tell them you need a ride to hana. They'll be confused until you explain yourself, because then they'll be impressed.


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3 Akamai

Akamai means smart. If you get into an argument with a friend over who is more intelligent, use the word to describe you. When your buddy admits that they have no idea what you've just said, you'll automatically win your argument.

4 Hale

Hale is a house. When you're driving around town with your friends, make sure to point out your crush's hale--unless they'll think it's creepy you know where he lives.

5 Kane

Kane is a man. So if you're sick or the words "boy" and "dude," you can call your bros kane instead.

6 Wahine

Wahine is a woman. It's simple to remember, because it's almost spelt like "wine," which is something us females love to sip.

7 Keiki

Keiki are children. So when your mother asks you how long it'll take for you to make her a grandmother, tell her straight out that you don't want keiki.

8 Malihini

This word is used to describe a visitor. So don't be surprised if you visit Hawaii and are called by the name. It just means you're a tourist.

9 Kuleana

Kuleana means responsibility. As you get older, you're going to have a lot more of it.

10 Pupu

Pupu can either be used to describe snacks or appetizers. Basically, if you're in the mood to eat something that isn't an actual meal, it's pupu.

11 Tutu

Tutu is a grandparent. So if you think "grandma" and "nana" are too mainstream, start calling her your tutu.

12 Hokele

A hokele is a hotel. If you ever end up visiting Hawaii, you're going to want a hokele with an ocean view.

13 Holoholona

This word is used to describe an animal. It doesn't matter if you see a puppy or a snake. It's a holoholona.

14 Honi

This word means kiss. The next time you're all alone with your boyfriend, ask him for a honi. Just make sure to explain the meaning to him, so he doesn't give you something else entirely.

15 Ikiki

Ikki means hot and humid. It should be easy to remember, because when it's humid out, you're going to feel rather icky.

16 Kahakai

This word means beach. When you visit Hawaii, the khaki is probably the first thing that you and your family will want to see. After all, it's bound to be beautiful.

17 Kala

Kala is money. The more of it you make, the more tourist traps you can see on the amazing island.

Hawaii is not only a beautiful place with tons of gorgeous scenery, but it also has some pretty cool words that you should borrow. Have you ever been to Hawaii? How did you like it?

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