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7 Tips on How to Feel like a Classy Sophisticated Lady ...

By Holly

You should try out the following tips on how to feel classy if you think that your image needs some work. By acting like a sophisticated woman, others will think more highly of you, and will hold more respect for you as a person. While you don't have to act like a lady at all times, it's best to do so inside of fancy restaurants, at a job interview, or in front of your crush. Here are some of the biggest tips on how to feel classy while still being yourself:

1 Work on Your Words

Expand your vocabulary and limit your cursing. The fancier words you use, the classier you'll feel. Just make sure that you're using them in the right context, because you don't want to end up sounding silly instead of intelligent. Staying away from slang and trying not to mumble are more great tips for how to feel classy. Your speech is a big part of it.

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2 Mind Your Manners

Learn how to tell the difference between different utensils, like soup spoons and dessert spoons. Then make sure to keep your elbows off the table while you're eating, and never speak with your mouth full. Don't do anything that you couldn't imagine a princess doing.

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3 Don Dainty Dresses

When you meet someone for the first time, your appearance will be the first thing that they see. That's why you need to dress your best. Wear clothes without tears, and keep a lint brush on you to wipe away all of the dog hair. Don't wear anything too provocative, but don't be afraid to show off your best features.

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4 Keep Calm

Classy women don't get into cat fights. When someone gets you angry, handle the situation with dignity. Don't scream at them, curse at them, or swing at them. Reply to them in a calm voice, and walk away before the situation gets out of hand. You're too sophisticated to deal with such childish behavior, anyway.

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5 Perfect Your Posture

Keep your shoulders back and your head held high. When you slouch, it looks like you have no confidence. Even if that's true, you have to trick people into believing that you believe in yourself. Walk with purpose, and don't be embarrassed who sees you.

6 Avoid Getting Gross

Try your best not to burp in front of company. If you sneeze, cover your mouth and nose. If you leave the table, excuse yourself first. Don't do anything in front of others that they would consider gross or distasteful. Good manners will make people think highly of you.

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7 Cell Courtesy

It's rude to pull out your cell phone while someone is talking to you. If you're out at dinner and need to check the time, wear a watch or discreetly look at your phone. You don't want to pull it out and start tapping away on it, because it is disrespectful to the person who is speaking to you.

You should always be yourself, but sometimes, you need to act a little more proper than you're used to. When you're in a situation where you're expected to behave like a lady, these tips will come in handy. Do you consider yourself to be a sophisticated woman, or do you prefer being more down to earth?

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