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This is another list for the lady logophiles out there, and I'm willing to bet there are at least a few words you probably don't know. Like my previous article, this list of words you probably don't know comes from the rich velvety book, "The Gilded Tongue" by Rod L. Evans. I figured we may as well work our way through the entire alphabet and add a new word from each letter to add to our impressive vocabularies.

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(kuh-LAHL-uh-jee): n. from Greek kallos (beauty) and -logy (study of): the study of beauty.

Can you add kalology to your list of words you probably don't know? It's kind of funny to say this word but it reminds me of cosmetology and I think it's safe to say these words are in the same family. I consider myself an unofficial student of kalology because I'm totally obsessed with beauty. Does that make me a kalologist?



(LAB-rohs): adj. from Latin labrum (lip) and -ose (having the quality of): having full lips.

Angelina Jolie is known for being labrose. Sometimes I wonder if she is to blame for all of the women I see around Beverly Hills with collagen injections in their lips. Actually, I don't just see it in Beverly Hills. I see it everywhere lately. Are you naturally labrose?



(MAL-e-DY-sint): adj. from Latin maledicere (to speak evil): given to vicious, abusive speech.

I'm sure you can think of at least one person in your life who is maledicent. Usually these people are hard to be around for extended amounts of time because their cursing, accusing, or abusive speech brings you down. This word reminds me of malicious and helps me remember the meaning.



(NAY-teez): n. from Latin plural of natis (buttock): buttocks.

This word cracks me up! Next time you see someone with a perky bum you can say, "Check out those nates, ladies!" Not only does it rhyme, it will help you nail the pronunciation of the word.



(AHK-tuh-THORP): n. Greek-derived okto (eight) and -thorpe (from James Edward Oglethorpe): the pound sign (#).

I never even considered that there was a word for the pound sign, but there is. Did you know that it's called an octothorpe? It makes sense since there are eight tips to this symbol. I think this is a cool word to know and can easily be slipped into a conversation for school or when you are talking about texting or calling someone.



(PAL/PAHL-muh-ree): adj. from Latin palmarius (deserving the palm): outstanding, great, best.

I'd never heard of this word before reading "The Gilded Tongue." Palmary is another word that could easily be integrated into your vocabulary because we tend to overuse words like great and best, right? Try it out this week.



(KWEEN): n. from Middle English queen, from Old English cwene (woman): a prostitute.

I cracked up when I saw the meaning of this word because it seems so ironic. What a play on words! This word could easily become a trend if someone brought it back. Can you imagine? It seems fun to use but I'm thinking it could cause a ton of conflict as well. Don't be a quean, you are a queen.



(RAN-ti-pohl): n. from rangy and pole (alteration of poll, head): a wild, unruly young person.

Oh ladies, this is a word we could easily integrate into our daily vocabulary. With all of the press that Miley Cyrus has been getting lately with her behavior, she could easily be considered a rantipole. If I'm totally honest with you, I had a season or two in my own life of being a rantipole. You did too, right? Don't leave me hanging out here.



(sub-RYS/RYZ-iv): adj. from Latin subrisus, past participle of subridere (to smile): smiling.

I am always drawn to people with subrisive expressions because it warms my heart. The way I remembered this word was that it made me think of submissive, which made me think of gentle, which made me think of kind and that made me think of smiling. That's just my own train of thought. I have to think of tricks like that in the beginning to memorize.

I hope you enjoyed this new list of words as much as you did the last one. I have one more list to write and that will bring us all the way to "Z." Did you have a favorite word on this list? I'd love to hear about it.

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Egocentric -

hahah I love your comments and additions ladies <3. Thanks for sharing!

I love that book.

I really enjoed this article. I often use the word octothorpe to name the # sign. Few people know its proper name.

Pulchritudinous Def: Beautiful, Appealing to the eye

I am not going to leave you hanging, Lezlie... I enjoyed my rantipole years. Thanks for sharing the meaning of the interesting words!

I saw a labrose Japanese lady the other day and it screamed collagen.

Thanks Lezlie! This is easily the most palmary post I\'ve read in a long time btw, spell check does not recognize many of these words lol

I am naturally labrose lol

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