Body Language 💃🏼 Associated with All the Different Emotions 😁😍😡😭 ...


You don't have to talk to someone in order to figure out what they're feeling.

All you have to do is look at them.

Their body language will give their emotions away.2

If you're not great at reading people, here are a few ways to tell how someone is feeling based on their body language:

1. Anticipation


If someone is rubbing their hands together, is licking their lips, and is having trouble sitting still, it suggests that they're in anticipation.

Of course, it's hard to tell if they're excited or worried over it.

2. Boredom


It's easy to tell if someone is bored in class or at work.

If you see them yawn, tap their feet, or slouch, then they'd rather be somewhere else.

If you're talking to them, and they aren't making eye contact, then they're probably tired of listening to you speak.

3. Desire


It's not all that hard to tell when someone is turned on.

If you see their pupils dilate, notice that they're making extended eye contact with you, or that they're touching their hair, then they're feeling frisky.

4. Disgust


Someone is disgusted if they crinkle their nose, curl their lips, and start to gag.

It's all pretty obvious.

5. Embarrassment


It's clear that someone is embarrassed if they start to blush, stammar, bow their head, or look away from you.

6. Happy


Happiness is easy to find.

It happens when someone is smiling, laughing, crinkling their eyes, or doing a little dance.

7. Jealous


A person is probably jealous if their lips are tight, their eyes are narrowed, and their arms are crossed.

8. Sad


If someone's body droops or shakes, they're sad.

Dragging their feet is another sign of the emotion.

9. Shy


If someone is blushing, refusing to make eye contact, and folding their arms, then they might be feeling a little shy.

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