8 Best Reads for the Beach ...

When you’re thinking about your beach essentials, don’t forget to pick up some good reads for the beach! Toting along a great beach read is essential to complete the beach experience plus, you can pretend to be busy reading when the creepy Speedo #guy keeps walking by. So before you leave for your coastal getaway, check out this list of 8 best reads for the beach and enjoy the literary stylings of some new and familiar authors!

1. Why Be Happy when You Can Be Normal? by Jeannette Winterston

Why Be Happy When You Can Be Normal? by Jeannette Winterston
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Renowned author Jeanette Winterston has created another gem with this novel which is described as a memoir about finding happiness and relationships with others. You’ll feel sympathetic, sad and amused with these raw yet charming stories about family, rules and Winterston’s life. This collection of short stories is sure to cause spontaneous smiles and thought provoking questions. Since it is a collection, it's a great beach #read, because you can come back to it easily.