7 Absolutely Unique Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Family ...


For many of us, the holiday season brings memories of unique Christmas traditions that we had or continue to have with our families.

Christmas is a season to be generous, loving, inviting and appreciative of family and friends.

When you start your own family, you might want to consider having your own unique Christmas traditions that can be passed down to your children's family some day.

It doesn't have to be big but it should be fun and memorable!

Here are some traditions to think about adopting into your own family.


1. New Year's Prediction Jar

This is one of those unique Christmas traditions that I really want to start this year.

On Christmas, have all of your family members write down what they think will happen either in their own lives or someone else's within the family and then place them in the jar.

Then during next year's festivities, open the jar and delegate someone to reads them aloud!

It's so fun (and funny!) to see where you've been as a family throughout the year and how things have changed.

2. Opening One Gift Christmas Eve

If you have kids yourself or just want to start something new and fun, opening one gift per person on Christmas Eve is a nice way to begin the festivities.

If you have a big family gathering the next morning, this is also a more intimate setting for just your immediate family without the noise and craziness of Christmas morning!3

3. Caroling in a Retirement Home

What better way is there to spend your Christmas Eve than to visit a retirement home and bless the elderly residents with beautiful Christmas songs?

I was in high school the last time I did this and I can say it's so wonderful to see the faces of those people who may not even have family visiting them over the holidays.2

Getting old is difficult but to be secluded in a group home, alone, is heartbreaking.

Give some good cheer and the hope Christmas brings this year by singing carols to the elderly!

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