Harry Potter Gifts All Muggles Will Adore This Christmas ...


Harry Potter Gifts All Muggles Will Adore This Christmas ...
Harry Potter Gifts All Muggles Will Adore This Christmas ...

Undoubtedly, Harry Potter gifts have made their way onto tons of Christmas lists. It might be 20 years since the Boy Who Lived entered our lives but the appeal of the magical Potterworld endures. Whether you've got an entranced little one or a besotted teen fan, there's bound to be something among these Harry Potter gifts to suit.

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Cosmetic Charms $2 - $84

lady, girl, socialite, Let’s be real, we all wish that polyjuice potion were a real thing, it would be amazing to snip off the hair of somebody we think is beautiful and transform into them at a moment’s notice! Sadly, us muggles have to settle for every day cosmetic products, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t come with a classic Harry Potter twist!

Storybook Cosmetic Quill and Ink - $39.00
Harry Potter Makeup Brushes - $12.00
Harry Potter Suaviate Kissing Balm - Chocolate - $2.95
Brija Cosmetics set - $84.00


Awesome Accessories $13 - $20

wood, angle, The world of Harry Potter is filled with wonderful accessories of all different types, from Rita Skeeter’s magical quill to the iconic Marauder’s Map! Whilst we might not be able to provide you with quite as much real magic, these accessories will definitely be able to fill the Hogwarts shaped hole in your life!

Harry Potter Trunk Wallet - $13.23
Gryffindor Infinity Scarf - $16.16
Marauders Map Umbrella - $19.95


Diggory Approved Dorm Décor $10 - $139

darkness, computer wallpaper, pub, midnight, Whether you are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, it goes without saying that any true Harry Potter fan needs to have at least one room decorated in tribute to the wizarding world! Dedicate some time to recreating some of the most iconic designs in the franchise and you can start to live your wizarding dream!

Mirror of Erised - $10.43
Platform 9 3/4™ Pillow Cover - $35.50
Daily Prophet Duvet Cover + Sham - $28.50-$139.00
Throw Pillow - $22.49


Jaunty Jewelry $6 - $40

finger, hand, human, arm, neck, From horcruxes to time turners and everything in between, the world of Harry Potter is home to some really weird and wonderful pieces of jewelry. We can’t promise that these gifts will be able to turn back time for you, but they will certainly evoke the charm and style of the wizarding world!

Marauders Map Solemnly Swear Cuff Bracelet - $6.23
Horcruxes Charm Bracelet - $9.03
Deathly Hallows Cufflinks - $39.99
Time Turner Necklace - $20.94


Diagon Alley Drinking $9 - $20

winter, fun, snow, film, Do you dream of sharing a pint of butterbeer with Harry? Or perhaps indulging in a few shots of fire whiskey with Hagrid? Well, all of these different and wonderful drinking accessories will definitely transport you to a cozy corner of the Leaky Cauldron or the Three Broomsticks!

Color change Hogwarts Crest Goblet - $10.43
Hogwarts Houses Coaster Set - $9.03
I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good Shot Glass - $8.98
Polyjuice Potion Hip Flask - $19.99


Boastful Bags $13 - $25

interaction, darkness, product, girl, midnight, Whether you are looking to display a spot of house pride, or you want to pay homage to one of your favourite quotes of images from the books or films, a Harry Potter themed bag is definitely on of the best ways to bring your love for the wizarding world into your everyday life.
Mischief Managed Slouch Backpack - $24.43
Solemnly Swear Hobo Bag - $13.65
Harry Potter Tote - $15.74


Sorcerer’s StationEry $6 - $12

girl, Whether your favourite lesson is Transfiguration with McGonagall, Potions with Snape or Defence Against The Dark Arts with Lupin, you definitely need some great stationery and school supplies to help you through the day! These Harry Potter themed gifts are the perfect present for a muggle with magical aspirations!

Hogwarts Stationery Set - $9.99
Ruled Notebook, 4 Pack - $11.99
Harry Potter Gel Pens, Pack of 2 - $5.95


Quidditch Ready Clothing $10 - $30

, Only a true Potter fan will know just how cold it can be when you are out watching a tense game of quidditch on the school fields. We may not have the ability to charm our toes and fingers warmer, but we have the next best thing: a whole host of Potter related goodies to keep you warm in the winter weather!

Harry Potter plush Slippers- $29.99
Knee High Socks - $9.99
Hogwarts Crest Harry Potter Pom Cuff Knit Hat - $19.99


Magical Media $14 - $275

girl, Us muggles don’t have the pleasure of reading newspapers with magically moving images, but we do have some pretty cool technology that we can adorn with Harry Potter themes! You never know, our tech has become so advanced these days that it could even rival the magical goings on at Hogwarts!

Hogwarts Crest Mini Tablet Case - $13.93
Harry Potter's Patronus Phone Case for iPhone and Galaxy - $34.95
Hardcover Harry Potter Set - $275.00


Games for Grimauld Place $12 - $49

tourist attraction, statue, recreation, stage, religion, The wizarding world is full of fun and games, from the delightful jokes for sale at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes to the slightly more dangerous life size chess game on the way to the Chamber of Secrets! The muggle world might not be able to offer life size chess, but these great themed games are still perfect presents.

The Elder Wand - $44.95
Wizard Chess Set - $48.99
Trivial pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition - $11.71


Triwizard Worthy T-Shirts $11 - $19

darkness, human, night, musical instrument accessory, girl, Harry was always a guy who never cared much for fashion, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit! In fact, why not combine a love of cool clothing with a love of the wizarding world with one (or all!) of these brilliant themed t-shirts?

Don't Let the Muggles Get You Down T-Shirt - $18.74
Hogwarts Alumni T-Shirt - $12.99
Harry Potter Glasses Scar Tee Graphic T-Shirt - $10.99-$18.99


Great Hall Eating $5 - $26

facial hair, performance, religion, scene, If there is one thing that is just as prominent as the magic in Harry Potter, it is the food! From delicious chocolate frogs to unbelievable school feasts in the Great Hall, if almost feels as if food in the wizarding world is its own character, and a great one at that!

Chocolate Frogs - $25.99
Harry Potter Candy Gift Box Assortment - $25.99
Harry Potter Jelly Slugs Gummi Candy Slugs - $5.40
The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: From Cauldron Cakes to Knickerbocker Glory - $11.99


Secretive Storage $11 - $99

darkness, human behavior, night, Honestly, where is the Room of Requirement when you really need it? Whilst Harry and his pals had the perfect place to store all of their hidden goods, us muggles don’t have it quite so easy. However, any one of these great Potter themed storage ideas will make for a perfect day gift, ready for holding everything else that you receive!

Hedwig Jewelry Cage - $99.00
Marauders Map Storage Bin - $10.43
Hogwarts Wooden Steamer Trunk - Patronus Edition - $60.00


Harry Approved Homewares $28 - $100

nature, reflection, vegetation, nature reserve, ecosystem, When it comes to cozy and comfortable homes in the wizarding world, you can’t get much more ideal that the Weasley’s Burrow. With a few of these great gifts, your home can start to look much less like Privet Drive and much more like Ron’s family home!
Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp - $49.99
Butter Beer Spiced Candle - $28.00
Hogwarts House 16 piece Dinner Set - $99.99


Magical Miscellany $15 - $90

album cover, film, girl, computer wallpaper, font, The truth is that there is just too much to say about the wizarding world to put every single thing into a neat category, and the same goes for the plethora of Harry Potter themed gifts that you can buy for the Potterhead in your life. If you still haven’t found what you are looking, perhaps these marvelous miscellaneous items will do the trick.

Gryffindor Spa Set - $89.99
Harry Potter Seeker Journal with Firebolt Pen - $14.99
Hogwarts Uniform Onesie - $27.99

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