Best Gifts for Star Wars Fans They Are Gonna Love ...


Best Gifts for Star Wars Fans They Are Gonna Love ...
Best Gifts for Star Wars Fans They Are Gonna Love ...

In 2015, the biggest Christmastime movie was Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In 2016, it is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The reboot of the franchise means there's so much more fabulous Star Wars memorabilia and merchandise and whether you want to gift yourself or are gifting others, you won't struggle to find something fabulous. Here's a list of gifts every Hans and Leia, and Rey and Finn would love, and that you'll probably want to keep too. But before that, let's get in the mood with the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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BB-8 Desktop Lamp

BB-8 Desktop Lamp Price: $39.99 at
I haven't seen the movie yet (obviously), but I already love this little droid, just from seeing him (or her?) in the trailers.


Darth Vader Flats

Darth Vader Flats Price: $158.99 at
Yes, they have these in your size, and yes, it's totally okay to treat yourself. You've been good this year!


R2-D2 Mini Fridge

R2-D2 Mini Fridge Price: $69.99 at
For keeping drinks cold and man caves even cooler.


Skywalker Lightsaber Lace up Heels

Skywalker Lightsaber Lace up Heels Price: $322.99 at
Remember those tennis shoes from when you were a kid, the ones that lit up when you stepped and of course, made you run faster? These are even better! They light up and they play sounds from Star Wars! Want!


Star Wars Planetary Glassware

Star Wars Planetary Glassware Price: $49.99 at
This set of 6 ten-ounce glasses is just so fantastic, for everything from bug juice to grown-up beverages.


Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold

Death Star Ice SPHERE Mold Price: $11.99 at
That's no moon... it's an ice sphere, for drinks.


Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Star Wars Cookie Cutters Price: $14.99 at
The set includes Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Yoda, C-3PO, and a Stormtrooper.


Star Wars Holiday Sweaters

clothing, sleeve, t shirt, product, outerwear, Price: $59.95 at
Give the gift of coziness this year.


Chewbacca Camera Strap

Chewbacca Camera Strap Price: $14.99 at
The must-buy for every photography buff on your list. Including me. #kiddingnotkidding


S is for Star Wars Kids' Tees

S is for Star Wars Kids' Tees Price: $14.99 at
For the next generation of Star Wars fans.


I Love You / I Know Rings

I Love You / I Know Rings Price: $19.99 at
For your other half, the one you started off hating, and now can't imagine your life without.


R2-D2 Dangle Charm Bead

R2-D2 Dangle Charm Bead Price: $9.99 at
If your Pandora-wearing auntie also happens to be a Star Wars fan.


Cloud City Cold Changing Pint Glass Set

Cloud City Cold Changing Pint Glass Set Price: $10.99 at
This set features two pint glasses that, as the name implies, change a bit when they're holding a cold beverage.


Chewbacca Robe

Chewbacca Robe Price: $79.99 at
This comes in ladies sizes too. Just saying.


Star Wars Lawn Ornament

Star Wars Lawn Ornament Price: $39.99 at
It's an AT-AT lawn ornament, ideal for the hard-to-buy-for gardener you still have to buy for.


At-at Walker Dog Costume

At-at Walker Dog Costume Price: $12.99 at
Disguise your best friend's pooch as an Imperial Walker. Aaand... now I want a dog.


X-Wing Knife Block

X-Wing Knife Block Price: $99.99 at
This would be such a sharp gift. I know. Worst pun ever. I'm so sorry.


Merry Sithmas Cufflinks

Darth Vader, Star Wars - Vader Nation, font, fashion accessory, musical instrument, Price: $64.95 at
Vader is the reason for the Sithmas season.


Star Wars Death Star Measuring Cups

man made object, cup, coffee cup, product, organ, Price: $14.99 at
The only reason to go over to the Dark Side is because they have cookies.

Prices correct at time of going to press but companies are beginning to mark down for sales. You might find a bargain (and you won't have to use a Jedi mind trick).

This post was written in collaboration with Neecey Beresford.

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Haha I love the dog costume!

The shoes are so ugly 😝, but the rest is pretty cool

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